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NBSRKamikaze 1

Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 21-Aug-11
Current release: 1, on 21-Aug-11

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Screenie by: mcopy
Screenie by: mcopy

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

New NBSR KAMIKAZE 8 mile tarmac Super Speedway with 2 dangerous crossovers 1 dirt and 1 cobblestone intersections that make this track one of a kind. More eye candy than your corner store. Blast past the pyramids see the sphinx and stop for a hotdog road side. This is a must get for all leagues and hobbyists. NBSR will be Starting a team race event soon you will need at least 3 drivers with a 6 driver max for VHR2011. Visit our website for more details. Track made for VHR2011 and rfactor dual installer.

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It's one of 1,064 meters Kartodromo.
newstart027 on Dec-21-2016

Where the cameras?
RenegadeRacer on Jan-24-2015

Looks like this track would be well suited to my V8 Supercoupe mod I've had sitting in the WIP section for the last 8 months.

I'll have to download your track and see if it handles 570km/h

simworld on Aug-26-2011

thanks Vis will give that a try... Thanks
mcopy on Aug-24-2011

Try Reinstalling the Track, it sounds like you didnt install it right. You can install it to a folder on your desktop then move the track folder to you locations directory, where ever it may reside. hope that helps... MCOPY
mcopy on Aug-24-2011

Instructions on how to make the .mas file:
- download gMotor 2.0 MAS Utility at
- put all .gmt .dds .jpg except .jpg for loading screen
- create the kamikaze.mas file
- point to this newly created file in the .scn file
in practice you should end up with a folder with mas, cam, aiw, gdb, scn, tdf, jpg (loading, mini, thumb)
vis on Aug-23-2011

Looks like potential for big fun, but I keep getting a .sky error. Any help solving this? I'm using DX9. Thanks!
pgmurphy on Aug-23-2011

Sorry all this is a fantasy track, and the authors name is GT-AUSTRALIA.. MY BAD.
The AI issue will be fixed. And if you can give any help into putting the files in a .mas let us know.... Thanks MCOPY
mcopy on Aug-23-2011

"Real world" Really ?
boca on Aug-22-2011

Why don't you make a .mas file instead of leaving all those .gmt and .dds around?
I did it in five minutes, created a single 83 mb file instead of 1266 small files accounting for 200 mb.
.cam file is empty, there are no external cameras available
vis on Aug-22-2011

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