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Mt Arrowsmith 2.20

By: DMz and BleeK
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 15-May-09
Current release: 2.200, on 16-Oct-13

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Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz
Screenie by: DMz

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Mt Arrowsmith: Epic 50km Targa Tasmania Special Stage made with btb 7 with google earth path and elevation. Actual stage length is 47km but I mapped a bit extra. LowRezPatch included in track folder, copy files to track root folder to install. Low end card users can select low track detail to remove most vegetation for more frames. This track is extreamly fast with 160kph average speed or more if you are game :P

Warning: First time loading times will vary but please be patient it takes a while to build the hat file. After you have loaded this track at least once, the next load time will be much shorter...

*** Version 2.2 - Tweaked by Bleek ***

Shows in-game as v20, tried to change it to 2.2 but wouldn't run :(
Get the HAT files from here to save first time loading
time & BE PATIENT!
Still didn't work?
Sorry :(
Try the original, it comes with a low rez patch....
V1.1HAT Pack-

Mt Arrowsmith V2.2 came about due to my love for the
track itself & the need, I felt, for it to have a
working pits & grid for more than solo runs.
Oh, & a quicker AIW... ;)
First off I made, by hand in BTB a new AIW but was
then getting penalties due to the pits being part
of the grid area.
As there was very little room there & not wishing
to shorten the actual lap I decided to try &
extend the road.
At first I tried adding short road sections to each
end, but this failed, I believe, due to the overall
length combined with the 'out-of-order' sequence in
which rF was reading the track.
Having accrued some 'theories' of my own & long tracks
I finally bit the bullet not long back & started
some drastic surgurey.

First off I copied the track twice, then deleted
the original road.(A 'NOooo....' moment!)
THEN I deleted opposite ends of roughly half the track
from the copies.
Then I finally 'stretched out' the first & last node
to give room to build a new pit & grid at each end.
Of course I added a couple of more nodes into the new
section so it wasn't a boring straight section looking
out into space! :v
Next was the most painstaking bit & what has kept me
from a few of my own projects the last few months,
stitching the new roads back to the old terrain as
I wanted to keep the track as close to what Dmz
originally made.
5meter or less panels for 47+km's, Im still having
nightmares about it! :v

Anyway, thats the basics of what I did.
The first 'pits' is a bit tight but it fits 10cars
& is only a small roadside station, like many in Tasmania,
before getting to the top where there's a road house.
Admittedly this track doesn't really represent the
real road as it really is but it's a HUGE blast to drive &
I feel much more user friendly for 'casual' drives/gaming.

Thank you Dmz for letting me do this to your track,
it's meant a LOT to me & I hope I've done it justice.

Now piss off & go for a squirt, it's a long bent track!
(Just be patient with the load times...)


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Drew DmZ I hope you are still around its being a very long time
mclf1 on Jan-03-2014

In what way is car 'jittering' on track please?
In external (track side camera) view or in-car view?
If 'in-car' view which of them is it?
Due to a bug in rFactor itself the further a car is away from 0.0.0 of a track the more the body of the car will shake or vibrate when viewed from the cockpit view...
Please PM me some more details,thank you
BLeeK on Oct-23-2013

My car is jittering on this track. Anybody else having this issue?
Culley on Oct-22-2013

Make that comments on 25 July 2009.
burkegl on Mar-20-2011

After my comments of July 2010, I was able to get the track to load and run. Because I'm old and forgetful, I don't remmeber what I did. Maybe I held my left hand 7.7 inches over my head while it was loading. Anyway, I got it going and ran 17 laps (actual, I correct the double lap counts in the cch file after exiting the track) in five different cars and then went on to other things. Yesterday, I felt like a drive through Tasmania again but the track wouldn't load. Rats!!! I revisted the rFactor page and found version 1.1. Downloaded, load, and drove it with no problem. Well, the doanloading and loading went without problem. It took me three tries to get to the end. Going into some curve or topping a hill made me remember I've been in these trees before.

Great track and great effort. Thanks, DMz, a lot, especially for making the trees false to collisions.
burkegl on Mar-20-2011

For folks out there considering this track but may be put off by some other peoples troubles noted above, Id like to say please at least try it-especially if your running a newer system!
And if your not, remember that there is a Low-Rez Patch included....
I've recently upgraded from previously mentioned dinosaur to a 2.8Ghz quad-core i5 with 2Gig of RAM & 512Mb Nvidia & can finally run it WITHOUT the Low-Rez Patch.
1st time load without HAT file (not recommended) took under 15minutes & now loads in less than 4minutes with other programs running- 2 to3 minutes with just rFactor.
I've been running this track at every opportunity for the last three weeks & I STILL haven't been able to learn it!
A new record for me! (It took less than 3 days for me to learn Nordschlief & nearly a week for the I.O.M-on PS2)
My only gripes with it are it is point-to-point, which is the nature of the track, & that in 'Race Weekend' mode, the cars will stack & fail to start....
That said, the track IS meant to be raced with staged starts.
I highly recommend this track to ANYONE as an anti-thesis to modern purpose built circuits!
You are a genius & the modding world misses you!
BLeeK on Mar-12-2011

Hey Drew! Been a while I know, hope your still around! just want to say my friend this is a friggin epic project! wow ! awsome stuff mate! reaaly looking forward to racing it with Bleek!! we yakin atm!... hope your well. and thankyou heaps for this !!!
DMZ for king! lol
legendsatlunch on Feb-01-2011

this is the best track ive driven, nice one
buster2k on Sep-13-2010

i have left it on overnight and still doesn't load
cruzer on Jun-25-2010

I'd love to have a go at this but i cant get it to work.
Can someone fix the damn thing so philistines like me can give it a go.
Former west coaster who used to get out on this stage every year and would love to drive it.

cheers for the work anyways, dont want to knock someone for doing what i have no idea about
cruzer on Jun-25-2010

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