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Mozukoshi Touge 1

By: DMz
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 04-May-09
Current release: 1, on 04-May-09

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Screenie by: daveo555
Screenie by: daveo555
Screenie by: daveo555
Screenie by: daveo555
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz

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Japanese Mountain Pass and Tunnel Link, based of a touge in Osaka, Japan. Full Race circuit, uphill and downhill versions with special cat and mouse touge start area for downhill version. Made with btb 7 with Night Lighting and start lights.

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this is my favorite track. and i have quite a few mods now. the drifting line is sooo much fun in rallycross 2.1 cars. this track is very well thought out no doubt. the downhill is my favorite. absolute blast.
on another note the trees and guardrails only show up once in a while. they either show up or dont... even on replays! so i just stay on the pavement as if the guardrails are there.
anyways awesome track... it has awesome rythim if you do it right. drifting bliss (in a rally car). im still not really great with these rear wheel drive drift mods. they dont feel right. the audi s1 feels just right. as does the rs200 and the mg metro 6r4. blasting down the hill!
rocknrollfrenchfries on Nov-23-2009

thanks dmz mate. have just added it to a server online. have only played this once before, but it looks sweet for some night time drifting (nice lighting). i will be sessioning it fully over the week to come. - top marks as usual mate.
cte drift on Aug-28-2009

SORRY... I didn't say thanks...

really sorry...

So thanks, thanks a lot and thank you for the rally packs also.

As for the state of the road... Moutainside + rundown = turn back for me...
Coligny on May-06-2009

Oh as for the speed of production of the tracks, I have 2 people to thank for that, First and foremost Brendon for BTB, 7v has vastly improved for development time and I thank him very much for his awesome track making tool, and lastly my mother in law who has kidney failure and has been living with my wife and I for over a year now If you really want to get good at track making, just have your mother in law move in with you hahahahahaha!
dmz on May-06-2009

Npz Orido-san my pleasure to make this track.

Yeah Chris mate I forgot to set the panel length in the corners lol gpl'ish I only saw it after I set the cams, Ill fix that pretty soon. Just doing a tarmac version of hen and chicken for these gravel chickens @ rfc
dmz on May-06-2009

wow, Orido-san was here, hehe
for the relatively short amount of time u take to create these tracks, you do an outstanding job !!
please don't take this the wrong way, for any updates or future tracks, i recommend adding a few more polys to the tighter corners so they're not so GPL'ish if u know what i mean (curves are very blocky), takes away slightly from the immersion.
keep up the great work
motorsport_dvd_king on May-06-2009

I was waiting someone making a touge road.
My prayers have been answered, thank you.
MAX Orido on May-06-2009

thx man its nice to have a fan and thx for taking the time to comment, to answer your question its most likey a combination of things....I usually put a bit of character on the road shoulders which you will find more bumpy than the actual lanes, like on tarmac roads the tar mix is usually built up ontop of a base, so it forms a "lip" on the edges of the road which I try to emulate and gives you a good feeling when you roll off it. You will notice that on this touge a lot. I also tweak the tdf's and usually assign different road surfaces different grip levels and ffb responses....that and Ive been driving rally cars out in the bush here in Australia for over 20 years and I guess experience behind the wheel helps

My tracks may look a bit crappy in replays but they are designed to be immersive from behind the wheel.
dmz on May-05-2009

Great track dmz! I just noticed you make the wrc trackpack too lol... I guess I pretty much always race on tracks you made. Kinda funny that the past few days I've been raging this and race 2 the sky, and before that I would usually rage wrc trackpack stuff or some version of nordschleife.

So yeah... keep up the good work.

For some reason I like the way the road surfaces you lay down "feel"... it seems more like a realistic amount of grip vs real tarmac/gravel than some other mods I've played... I don't even know if you have control over such things but if you do good job.
mitosis on May-05-2009 - here is a video of the actual touge.

FYI This is a very popular touge as its directly assessable off a highway from Osaka and is really degredated through overuse. As you can see in the video of the actual road, note how run down it is, and the distinct lack of signage and paint on the road, you cant even see the dotted white center line.

oh and thank you for your thanks for my work. really apprecated.
dmz on May-05-2009

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