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Montreal 1988 1

By: carrera4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 12-Aug-10
Current release: 1, on 12-Aug-10

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Screenie by: carrera.4
Screenie by: carrera.4
Screenie by: samanthaUK
Screenie by: samanthaUK
Screenie by: samanthaUK
Screenie by: samanthaUK
Screenie by: samanthaUK
Screenie by: samanthaUK

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

After a long break I find again the time and motivation to create
a new track for the F1 1988 Mod.

Montreal 1988.


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Originally posted by: MistaDobalina

Welcome back carrera4, great job, thank you very much!!! :-)

Yes wonderful track very good job Carrera4...... Wow
from 1515
jellos on Jan-22-2012

Aside from Carrera, there are few who have made such difinitive tracks for rF. He is among the best of the best.
lawndartleo on Nov-02-2010

Oh i forgot, that was a result of the F1C 99-02 conversion
xpid on Aug-26-2010

A notice to carrera4, with Imola, Hockenheim and Suzuka remaining, as soon they're done, help with the SRM 1990 mod, since they only difference in these tracks are the startlights. Those seen there didn't exist until 1996 (Evident in Phoenix, Imola, Montreal, and Suzuka). On TV broadcasts these were different since their adoption in 1977. So PM me for examples if you can
xpid on Aug-26-2010

Originally posted by: wolfattack

this Montréal 1988 track has te same layout of the 1982 real Montréal circuit?

Yup, but the Start/Finish straight and the pitlane has been rerouted to where it is today
xpid on Aug-26-2010

You rule, man! Excellent job once again, love this mod.

Originally posted by: nericksenna
So what's left here for the 1988 tracks:

- Hockenheim 1988 (with that famous fast Ostkurve left-right chicane (that Senna had removed after the 1990 season cause he thought it was too dangerous lol)

- Suzuka 1988 (the championship winning track with one of the best comebacks senna ever did from 14th to win the race)

- what else is missing...? Imola?

Yup, those are the three remaining tracks of the 1988 season.

Is there any difference concerning the track layout compared to the 1990 versions from the SRM mod? I've used those tracks to fill up the 1988 season.
MCramer88 on Aug-25-2010

Awesome stuff, his 1988 F1 mod is my favorite. I wish the offline AI didn't crash into each other but you can't have everything I suppose. Thanks again !
Rodster on Aug-23-2010

my loading screen for the track.... bar goes full but track never actually loads
spinaroonie on Aug-23-2010

Forever a fan.......

Looking forward to your next release..... Thanks for all that you do, C4.

usa_driver on Aug-19-2010

per favore mi fate avere il link della ford fiesta cup?
grazie,tank you
saso on Aug-17-2010

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