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Monomarca Fiat 125 1

By: XR05
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 13-Oct-13
Current release: 1, on 13-Oct-13

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Screenie by: XR05
Screenie by: XR05

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Mod Monomarca Fiat 125 derechos reservados de xr05 (Rodrigo Ignacio Gaete Leckie)

*Note from rFC Admin: If you install this mod using the .exe downloaded from Mediafire, be aware that installing it directly to your rFactor folder will overwrite your rFactor.exe. We recommend installing it to a blank folder on your desktop, then copying necessary files over to the rFactor directory.

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There were only a handful of races held at the mountainside race track,
most of which were marred by dangerous track design that led to 3 fatalities
in the 18 short months the track was operating at full capacity.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Amigo Cada Vez Que Lo Instalo Abro El RF Y Se Pega Qué Hago?
wdadad on Mar-05-2014

Thank you so much: my father had this car for 20 years and I drove it many, many times. Back then, everyone claimed the 125 had the better chassis FIAT had ever made. I remember my mechanic took all his cars to this road and took this huge parabolica turn, if he could do it without lifting, the car passed the test. Most cars had to lift. The old 125 took the turn and had more to give.
conticreative on Dec-15-2013

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