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Miseluk 1

By: lemax
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 08-Jan-12
Current release: 1, on 08-Jan-12

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Screenie by: Lemax
Screenie by: Lemax
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX

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This is my first track :)

Mišeluk is temporary street circuit located in Novi Sad, Serbia.

There are two layouts, GP and GP long. (also wet versions)
Track isn't very well optimized - huge number of objects, fps drops in some places.
i hope that will be fixed in next version.

Beta version v0.91

version 1.0

removed unnecessary objects
some objects and textures tweaked
added a kart track

There are several layouts:

-Mišeluk, Mišeluk Gp, Mišeluk Gp wet
-Mišeluk Long, Mišeluk Long Gp, Mišeluk Long Gp wet

version 1.0

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newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

Brate koji link da skidam da bi game radio kao da namestim to
ratkovo on Nov-04-2016


can u upload the sound fix for the gp version again ?! pls !
your link is down "mismatch tdf "
ratztifatzti on Jun-13-2014

zdravo dobar track ali neradi na onlinu.kada ces da ga popravis.probao sam da mitim drugo ime u tdf file ali ne radi.
hr31 on Sep-19-2012

Super je, baš vozim svoj Punto GT mod po njoj
Bravo2 on Jul-15-2012

Svaka cast,bratu
dzoni81 on Jul-02-2012

man!!! genije si
Igor954 on Jun-04-2012

Online fix (no mismatch)
Renamed few lines in .gdb and .tdf files.
"><br ">

*you must delete Miseluk.tdf files from
Miseluk long,
MiselukGP long,
Miseluk long WET,
MiselukGP WET


Doesnt effect singleplayer, but just in case you should backup original.
Gunja on May-10-2012

Hi lemax...your track is awesome but i have a problem!!!
The grass texture on my rfactor are white!!! Can you say me what is wrong? thanks
cresc on Apr-26-2012

ok, thanks mate
i know that this track was driven in couple of online races, but no one has reported any errors. who knows, maybe they were lucky
once more, thanks for the report, i will fix that for the next update
LeMaX on Feb-26-2012

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