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Mercedes SSK 1928 1

By: Bernard Dupaul and aka The Big Ben
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 18-May-11
Current release: 1, on 18-May-11

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben
Screenie by: the_big_ben

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The Mercedes SSK 1928
It was the fastest car of its day and numerous competitive successes
made it one of the most highly regarded sports cars of its era.

I made 10 different versions based on that model.
So we can race with 9 other cars, which are different.
I also added leaning drivers (gives great effect).

The 3D mesh, as textures and shaders, cockpit,
gauges, drivers(with real faces) and lods.

There are not a lot of info on the physics of that time, which makes it harder.

28 July 2011

We are now working on the physics. We will have a update soon.

Big Ben

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julianeiverslopez on Dec-03-2013

Can you please create a template so we can make custom car skins / textures please.
rodrrico on Nov-08-2012

Yes there will be a update on this mod. Probably in September 2012
the_big_ben on Jul-23-2012

I am wondering if this is the final version. I notice you posted that you were working on the physics and this was posted a year ago. Is there still an update to come?
DougSpinster on Jul-08-2012

Apparently no download link again. Could someone please share? I'd love to try this one. Cheers!
luizsilveira on Jun-12-2012

Best Mod I have for historic racing thrills. Added Brooklands to my track list as well. Whole package is fantastic.
Actually quite like the fuel consumption issue and I try to have enough fuel to pit at about the time of the AI cars. Working out fuel load is part of the fun. 7 litres is a lot of thirsty motor back in 1928. Looking forward to any mods on the way. One thought; the Bugattis and Alfas from 1928 to 1933 would be a perfect compliment for the SSK. The body shapes remained quite constant for those 3 types.
mgm_nz on Jan-06-2012

nice graphics!
1 lap in imola:
norbi999987 on Nov-06-2011

I love this mod especially when driving around Brooklands. Thanks very much for a great mod of a great car.
AndySuk on Oct-16-2011

Hi tigeraid, In fact I have push the FFB to the limit. It's very present in fact. So I don't understand why you don't feel it. No I have not use realfeel here.
Maybe there is somebody here that knows why Tigeraid can't feel it ?
the_big_ben on Sep-27-2011

Very authentic looking and sounding... But I can't drive it because it appears to have no FFB! Is it realfeel compatible? I've tried it both on and off but the steering wheel is lifeless, until it gets to the extreme left or right rotation...
tigeraid on Sep-20-2011

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