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Megane Trophy V6 2010 0.95

By: NevaloN and CR y ELCORE
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Rfactor not yet dead!!!

This is the New Megane V6 Trophy D-95 version Mod.

Called Megane Trophy V6 2010 in this Mod.

The Mod is Prepared for Rfactor1 and ready to future Version for Rfactor 2.

Any contribution would be very grateful & recognized.

The progress of this mod is approximately 80 percent, and continued slow but progressing.

Thank you to my friends Elcore and CR for help me in some aspects of the Mod.I´m Working on this MOD about three months.


Rfactor no ha muerto todavia.

Os presento el nuevo Mod MEGANE TROPHY Version D-95.

Al cual hemos llamado "Megane Trophy V6 2010"

Este Mod esta preparado y optimizado para sacar el máximo rendimiento de rfactor y de Directx9, y se esta preparando con vistas a poder usarlo en Rfactor 2.

Cualquier tipo de contribución sera muy agradecida y Reconocida.

El progreso del Mod es actualmente de un 80%, y continua, lento pero con un progreso constante.

Muchas Gracias a Mis colegas ELCORE y CR por Ofrecerse ha eayudarme y formar parte de este proyecto el cual empecé hace ya casi 1 año.

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Good job.Con ganas de probarlo.congra
Luiggiv8 on Feb-14-2013

well, no reply ...looks like this one has been sent to the scrap yard lol...what a shame
victorylane1 on Dec-03-2011

hey r we there yet??? looks like its going to be a good one ,if it gets completed.
victorylane1 on Nov-13-2011

Are we much closer to completion yet?

sTimulated on Apr-17-2011

Good luck wit the mod. Can't wait to try it
Sasuke024 on Jan-25-2011

Animo chicos!!!!

ya queda poco a ver si con este empujon de animo conseguimos sacar la release del MOD.

rodri3k on Jan-12-2011

Is this WIP still progressing?
yes coming soon
panpiloto on Oct-25-2010

Is this WIP still progressing?
sTimulated on Oct-25-2010

great job, this mod is awesome! I'm using the beta version by ISR

someone can tell me how paint or change the weels? I see on mod home cars with black weels.. I need that
Klaudius on Jun-06-2010

Hey nevalon I really liked your job and I would like to say that if you need some help to do the paintings, i'm here !! If you want I can show you my jobs.

edsonjr999 on Jun-03-2010

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