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McLaren F1 Challenge 3.50

By: David Purdy
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: GT
Initial release: 15-Apr-06
Current release: 3.500, on 07-Jul-08

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Screenie by: f1rft2009
Screenie by: f1rft2009
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: CrippleHorse
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: vgama
Screenie by: vgama

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This is an announcement of the release of version 3.5 of the McLaren F1. An update was due for a while now, and I finally have all the pieces I needed. As always, I have been working on a number of other cars since version 3, and learned a great deal more than I knew then, lol. So I applied it to the McLaren to make it hopefully, an even more realistic driving car.

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Looks like an awesome car on reviews. I would love to have it drive around my University campus and make my pals jealous.
basant on Aug-31-2018

Thanks for sharing this helpful article.
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Emilly on Jul-05-2018

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rabiaariaz1 on Jul-03-2018

Originally posted by: DaveSR1

I am still working on the physics update, I am going to try to get this out asap

This was 3.5 years ago dude. Any news on that update?
x2611 on Jul-07-2013

The mod is great, but i'm thinking if there are a street McLaren F1. I'm looking the pictures and, i'm seeing, the McLaren F1 for the road, but it doesn't appear in the mod, i'm not sure if is just a picture, or where i can get the car. But anyway, is a mod that have my favorite car =)
Nicolas Soto on Nov-29-2012

Hi, Gret to drive and fun. But I do not get any engine sounds. Help?
cseturbo on Nov-08-2010

nice to read news! Will be a new model too?
DeDios on Sep-17-2010

I am still working on the physics update. I have some who want more wheelspin, but others who want more grip! I am trying to make the GTR at least, as much like driving a real Mac in a GT race as possible. Like walking a tightrope, lol. The LM, which has more power, IS harder to drive, and maybe I will "fantasize" it a bit with some extra grip, I have not made up my mind on that. Until now anyway, they both have the same tires. The LM was meant to be faster but much harder to drive.
The new version definitely will be better over bumps and the power oversteer will be completely comtrolable I have a new tire definition that beats anything to come before it. It feels like a real rubber tire, but the exact grip level has yet to be determined. IMO Version 3 was TOO grippy, and may be more fun for some, but a bit too sticky to be realistic I believe.
Anyway, I am going to try to get this out asap. As far as the Lotus is concerned, the people who made the model have left me hanging so far, as the finishing touches are still waiting. I am working on them, lol, and I also have a very realistic JGT500 and JGT300 two class mod for the Nissan Nismo R33 waiting for the finishing touches from the same people also!! (Not knocking my co-modders, they want to do it right and time is not an issue for them). Trying for HOF for those Nismos. It is a completely from scratch model BTW, not from the ISI version, and not the one from Hiroto either.
DaveSR1 on Sep-06-2010

I like this mod, looks great and captures the spirit of the Mclaren F1 but the handling/physics/default setup on the car could use some work.

Without driving aids on (and to an extent even with) this car wants to spin off every bump, going onto the grass/gravel causes the car to instantly spin to the point where for the most part I feel like a passenger rather than a driver. Fortunately with a little setup and the driving aids turned up (Stability most importantly) the car is alot better and is quite fun to drive, though in reality the way the car drives with the aids on should be closer to how it feels without them on, the car is still very twitchy and will still spin if the back tires touch the rumble strips or grass

Looks wise this mod is great, the cockpits could be a little more detailed but overall i love the way it looks. I think if the car physics were improved then i would be scoring this higher..
Bigbazz on Aug-19-2010

Any word on the update?
Kwik on May-29-2010

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