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Machwerk 1967 2

By: LifeRS
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 12-Jun-08
Current release: 2, on 05-Sep-08

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Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: Marc
Screenie by: jimboe
Screenie by: jimboe
Screenie by: 6e66o
Screenie by: 6e66o

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Machwerk 1967 rFactor V2.0

-XK- AKA KELLLAAA68 spend almost 2 years in creating this milestone back in 2005.

derDumeklemmer made the GTR2 and GTL conversion. Thanks very much for his kindly sharing.

Thanks for derDumeklemmer that help me to contact with the original author.

Please notice the GTL-readme and EULA by derDumeklemmer included in this zip file.

V2.0 is texture-updated by Culmone67, thanks for his great work!

Please contact for permissions regarding this conversion.


- KELLLAAA68 for the original GPL version and permission for the conversion.

- Culmone67 for his fantastic textures and update V2.0

- Greybrad for reviewing the AIW again and again until it reaches the current level

- Luigi for the great TV-Cams

- Mc_Wolf for the animated Marshals

- RacerM for his nice Night Lights

- GTI-Heizer for closing the remaining gaps in geometry

- All the guys, who gave detailed feedback all over the Beta Versions


- DucFreak for his nice textures of tarmac version

- Slomo for his great LODs

- Fred_As for his Skybox

- SLN for the fantastic wet texture

- The Lonely for his great wet tutorial


- Textures updated by Culmone67.


- Very long loading time, please have patience !

- Still lack of animated marshals in rFactor version.

2009-05-07 V2.0

- Textures updated by Culmone67.

2008-09-05 V1.26

- Fixed rainspry.

- Try to make animated marshals but failed.

2008-06-27 V1.25

- Add wet condition layout. With help from the tutorial written by "The Lonely", and textures are from SLN.

- Fixed AIW file

- New skyboxi from Fred_As

2008-06-09 V1.2

- Converted base on V1.2 version

LifeRS (

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oliviamartin on Jul-14-2018

Textures in 2.0 I did not like, updated ranking track.
It is unfortunate that 6e66o not released updated textures, I am sure that his work would have been better.
neron2 on Aug-03-2013

GREAT JOB¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ one of my favourites
nuskooler on Oct-04-2011

Perfect track!Recently, this is my favourite!
enyhe on Feb-26-2011

Marvelous track!
EX_YU RACING on Nov-20-2010

It freezes when about to start to load. Something wrong with the files (names, paths?) - I couldn't figure out.
My specs: rF v 1,255. Any help appreciated.
dd_jazda on Oct-04-2010

I like the older textures better but this is a near perfect track and along with Nordschleife is one of my favorites. We need more long tracks like this.
russell450 on May-03-2010

Awesome Track! Thank you!
Lee606 on Mar-12-2010


Just got hold of this(to me) hidden Gem of a track. Am practicing atmo. Enjoying every bit of it. This is a HOF. track if ever there was one. Tarmac changes/Wet weather and technicality. This has it all, in Spades! Yes "Old School" and absolute FUN!! Thanks to all involved.
fakujak72 on Feb-21-2010

Nothing against Culmone or anyone else involved, but when 6e66o announced making a texture update, you asked him not to release it. Which was quite an extraordinary action, even when V_LM disapproved similar "updates" to their tracks, they argued that the originals looked as they wanted them to look, no improvement needed, and left it at that. Likewise, one couldn't help but wonder if an "established" textures guy like SLN (whom nobody would even think to "scold" him because/if he didn't ask for permissions), had done an update for this track, you would have asked him the same thing, as it was always common practice not to ask for permission to do an alternative texture pack. The argument was that the textures in the previous release were hard work and an update by 6e66o would be like throwing them in the trash or something, thus he should not release the update. Now you have included Culmone's texture update in the release, though. So either you changed your mind about the last thing and maybe recognized the fact that nobody tries to control texture updates, or you didn't want a particular person to release textures for the track. Just wondering, in every possible friendly manner.
CrippleHorse on Sep-15-2009

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