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Macabees Road 1

By: DMz
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 10-Jun-09
Current release: 1, on 10-Jun-09

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Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz

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12km Gravel Rally Stage, Macabee's Road, Sunny Corner, Bathurst NSW.

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I've downloaded 100+ items on Rapidshare in the span of a year or two without incident. Yes its a pain, but you have to read the Rapidshare page as your downloading. When you choose "free user" it will have a counter that has you wait about 60 - 80 seconds then the standard download button will appear. After making a few downloads it will say you have reached your 'limit' as free user....and to wait another 15 minutes to try again.....after such time, your free to proceed again. Its annoying, but simple. There is no reason to grab your credit card for a premium account
DeviantStrait on Jun-11-2010

ok iv'e tried downloading this like 10 times and everytime i click free user on Rapidshare it says i need a premium account to download this file..and i don't want to pay 13$ to only download this track.... and waste the account...please upload to mediafire or some other FREE host
Mastertaco on Nov-25-2009

AH! i love that your doing the roads around Bathurst... Its awesome to drive on the roads i grew up on hehe, even if they look CG
The__Stig on Aug-27-2009

rapid share is stupid
need4speedic on Aug-19-2009

Awsome m8 hey reminds me of some of the back roads round here.
ADF-Medic on Jul-14-2009

@MiniMadPaul: There's a plug-in for pacenotes
Kazumi on Jun-20-2009

Nice to see a rally track or two coming out for rFactor but would like to see these tracks released for RBR. I find the lack of pace notes in rFactor limits the fun a bit. Unless there is a way of putting pace notes into rFactor ???
MiniMadPaul on Jun-12-2009

No appologies nessisary DMZ, you have all these projects and no time, hehehe, thats cool. I just wish i could find the time to do a few tracks i would like to do, one i really want to do is a Mad Max course, starting from the start of the film to the end. But i mainly spend my time doing skins for cars atm, so haven't really taken anytime to learn BTB. Chears mate.
shadowman004 on Jun-12-2009

Cheers mate, I didnt mean I give up totally I'll try do some new version of this tonight to try and get it to run , fyi the methods I used to build bega are the same for both hen and chicken and this track, so I suspect its the aiw thats making it crash. Mt Arrowsmith has stock btb aiw main path only with garage spots done in simed as it was crashing the isi aiw editor.

Anyway I have done a tarmac version of hen and chicken and redone aiw so hopefully it might run now so I'll put that up soon. I have a lot of track builds on the go at the moment so its hard to find time to work on stuff that should work not to mention frustrating for both you and me! I will upload a 7z version to mediafire and filefront soon aqs well, also due to my lack of time I havnt had a chance to do mirrors n stuff yet. My appologies.
dmz on Jun-12-2009

As one person who knows how hard it is to create a track, i can't help feel this would be making you feel like giving up. But hey , we really appreciate those of you who do put the time and effort into creating them. So don't take this in a negative way, first off, Winrar is crap, especially for somthing you pay for, i would rather use ZipGenius Standard Edition or 7-Zip, even the free versions are more stable, i've never really liked rapidshare, don't like how it takes up to 60 to 70 seconds to wait for the download button to appear, and i only use it when i have to download mods that people put them on, so no point paying money for it. As for BTB, no complaints there, he has done a fantastic job with that proggy. Anyway DMZ, i really like your choice of roads, and hope that someway i'll be able to run them, so like i said before, keep going, i luv Bega Valley and Mt Arrowsmith and have had some really great fun driving on those, i gusse thats why i was a bit saden when i could'nt get the other two to work, i was really looking forward to them. Fantastic job mate.
shadowman004 on Jun-12-2009

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