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Luckendorfer Bergrennen 0.90

By: Com8
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 06-Nov-08
Current release: 0.900, on 06-Nov-08

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Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8
Screenie by: Com8

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Hillclimb track located in Eastern Germany.

Classic cars event is held every year, driving the old Hillclimb road up through the Zittauer Mountains.

I release this beta before the track starts rotting on my hdd :)

L├╝ckendorfer Bergrennen 2008, beta by *Com8*


- the track is only for use with 1 single car!!!
- track is beta-status - the AIW is only very basic, some Cam positions have to be redone
- when in training mode, time starts when crossing the start line
- if you want to use the starting light - set opponents to 0, racelaps to 2 and start a raceweekend

Cheers, *Com8*

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this looks great i live near 2km.... lol
PrimeSRT8 on Mar-24-2011

Hey COM8, i live near tihs track 1km far away...... L├╝ckendorf.. is near my Town... OLBERSDORF..... great ..... track...
PrimeSRT8 on Mar-24-2011

very short... I want 20+ km!
ketrabosz on Jun-06-2009

Hi, i have a problem with my hillclimb, don't start the time why?
if you can help me contact to me please at, is email and msn messanger
jocalabrese on Mar-22-2009

Can't load the track. "Error creating projector for shadow caster 2300"
Probel on Jan-24-2009

Wow Com8! You're work always shows your great talent. Nice work, and to think it's just a beta!? Finish this 'baby'! Thank you.
eddiespag on Jan-21-2009

one of the best tracks love these hill climb tracks pleze make more thanks
kr1skate on Jan-15-2009

Very nice track - Endlich mal was aus der heimat =)
TonyR on Dec-11-2008

I had a lot of fun last night with my BMW M1 at the track. THX for the effort - well done! I hope i can watch the event reallife at some time - but over 500km distance. 8-(
myname on Nov-07-2008

very good job. a welldone track, as usual i really like the dense of the woods.

@stabiz: very nice vid and a great donut

markus ;-)
markusm on Nov-07-2008

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