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Lexus IS F 1

By: Dr.RF
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 08-Nov-07
Current release: 1, on 08-Nov-07

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Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: mclaren f2
Screenie by: hitman22
Screenie by: hitman22
Screenie by: hitman22
Screenie by: hitman22

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The Lexus IS F was produced by ISI as a part of a Lexus promotion and distributed freely at SEMA on CD.

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Well i dont wanna dissing seriously but, this aint have so real feels...anyways it was sucks as hell, driving very bad, looks cheap n poor. but like i said i dont wanna dissing i just said it!
zz55 on Nov-05-2012

I doesn´t work. Can´t install it. Need help.
Tattergreis on Apr-25-2010

I have a problem with which I have downloaded and installed already 2 files but it does not work, I love this car and it will necessarily take whoever can help me?
supertux on Jan-19-2010

wats the track there in the first pic with the gran turismo signs on the track?
General_RIMT on Jul-28-2009

Is it possible to update the gears on this car? 7th gear its like it doesn't exist. It was very nice converted to rFactor but i think it needs minor ajustments still.
CapitanulHaos on May-28-2009

if you guys are still intrested in a template for this car, ill see what i can do. i think i did it before, but my harddrive has been wiped since then, so ill have to build a new one.
Morgfarm1 on Apr-11-2009

great car! love the gear box!
but, check the AI behaviour in Brianza Round 2. The Ai cars do wrong the first chicane.
Waiting 4 updates!
bs1126 on Mar-24-2009

Tht's the car tht i lov ...
8 Gear in real world ...
but only 7 gear in game ...
but i still lov it ...
RDS on Mar-08-2009

When I run this in an allcars rfm I get a weird Lexus doppleganger that appears about 20 ft up in the air, upside down, sans body, but you can see the rest of the car.

Anyone have any ideas on why this happens or if it can be corrected? Doesn't matter if there's one or more Lexii (plural for Lexus?) in the group. All of em do it. Other cars running at the same time are fine.

timex on Mar-03-2009

SPARKLYDAVE, ISI built this mod for Lexus for marketing at SEMA2007. It was a custom version of rFactor with support for the 8 gears and included the RealFeel plugin. They were passing it out on CD at the Lexus booth. The car was then ripped for the public version of rFactor but the gearing is all messed up. Not only did the 8th gear get dropped but all the other gears don't match the real car.
NoelH on Feb-12-2009

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Lexus IS F