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Leo's FFB plugin 1

By: Leo

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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As a result of the discussion, here is a very quick attempt at rewriting the steering FFB effects from scratch based on more or less accurate Pacejka curve fit for Mz (self-aligning torque).

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Download this to get it runnin' proper!
koellefornia on Mar-19-2013

I have installed on Win 7 32 bit.
I cannot see the whole program.
The bottom of the box is chopped off.
I cannot see the boxes to check.
Program window is too small.
Any help for this problem??
jimcarrel on Mar-31-2011

rer8: the LFFBMngr 1.10 creates the new LeoFFB.ini to the root folder of rFactor.
Isn't it(LeoFFB.ini) supposed to be in the plugin folder, with the plugin(LeoFFB.dll) to work properly?

works ok from root folder aswell.

But if LeoFFB.ini is in plugins folder the effect of Leo'sFFB is stronger in relation to other FFB "methods" (rF original FFB and RealFeelPlugin)
This is easily noticeable when setting "Aligning moment curve shape / feeling of tyre losing grip" to high (9-10) if anyone feels to test it.
Doesnt really matter if you just started using Leo's FFB, since you have to adjust it anyway for your wheel/preference. But for me who has always kept the LeoFFB.ini in plugins folder and used it with RFP, placing it to the root folder messes up the balance of the 3 FFB settings. Which took serious time to make them all right in relation to each other.
Voodooman on Jul-22-2010

I am a Leo's only user. I noticed several questions about its implementation. Here is what I do.
1. I use LFFBMngr 1.10 (Leo's FFB Manager) available on this site.
a. I build a folder of Leo's ".ini " files. (in the Plugin folder)
b. I name each file using this convention. LeoFFB_F1_1993_F1SR.ini
(1) The name can be anything you like as long as the .ini extension is used.
(2) I then ADD the ini to the manager as set forth in the manager instructions.
c. When I am ready to use a given mod, I select it, activate it and run rFactor from the manager, for which I have a shortcut for on my desk top.

If you need to make a new mod ini, follow the Leo's tutorial.
Remember to have your game FFB set to "Low" for the best results.

As an afterthought, Leo's is a plugin... yes that is correct, drop it into the rFactor/plugin folder and it works. Hope this helps.
rer8 on Jul-12-2010

how do you install smart ass. this page doesn't say.
farber2 on Jun-07-2010

I manage to figure it out similar feeling as Iracing FFB, so i´m very happy with that and rFactor steal alive because of that, I play only 2 mods in rFactor: HistoricX and Endurance series by Enduracers.
tiagoguerreiro on Mar-22-2010

Hi I have question. What settings you command for mod Peugeot 207 S2000? Sorry for my bad English ;]
komar800 on Jan-24-2010

Hammer read the thread before posting!
RobOne on Dec-27-2009

I'd like to know how do I install this please.

Hammer_338th on Dec-14-2009

maybe dumb question here but... do i have to activate it or delete the realfeelplugin or something?
kontsnornl on Sep-23-2009

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