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Lemalands 1

By: lemax
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 25-Aug-12
Current release: 1, on 27-Oct-12

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Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: LeMaX
Screenie by: John Milner
Screenie by: John Milner
Screenie by: lemax
Screenie by: lemax

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lemalands v0.95 by lemax

-a fictional country road
-three weather conditions: sunny, rainy and snowy day
-max vehicles: 30

final version 1.0
-added new objects
-new road and sidewalk textures
-some little tweaks on objects and textures
-now is better grip on rainy and winter version

this is a very bumpy track , so any speed above 80 km/h is...let's say - fun :)

if you have an older low-spec pc, what can i say... good luck with this track :)

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Pinevale covers a smaller area than Silverstone, so the track was made with national and club racing in mind.
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newstart027 on Nov-07-2016

Great job! I love this track)
neron2 on Dec-01-2013

Great track!
But there is a problem. Everytime I will start a race, I get a DQ even before go to the grid.
AngeloRacer on Nov-04-2012

Thank you Lemax and may you have many more wonderful tracks !
Will46 on Nov-01-2012

Thank you for sharing
Manoliky89 on Oct-27-2012

what a wonderful looking track and fun to drive. It looks so great that the only criticisim I could find is that it should be longer
Since you have great skills, please make something 15-20km long for our pleasure
cesniper on Sep-20-2012

inspired by....from nowhere and almost complete design of the track i have in my head before i start to make the track from imagination to realization haha
LeMaX on Aug-30-2012

@LeMaX, ok that's the landscape, but what about the village, the castle and the windmill? To me they look from some other place. What did you have in mind? It all looks very good to me, I'm only interested in where are you inspired by.
NitroMcClean on Aug-28-2012

@NitroMcClean - Aspen , Colorado
i believe that landscape is Aspen because that was the name of hq panorama (original size- 18500px * 1800px ...what a details... )
LeMaX on Aug-26-2012

pretty job, i like the ambience. it is nice to see some people witch are like you Lemax (sory for my english)
huguess on Aug-26-2012

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