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King Edward Park 1

By: DMz
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 12-Aug-09
Current release: 1, on 12-Aug-09

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Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: nEoDaViS
Screenie by: nEoDaViS
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz

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King Edward Park in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Aussie Beach Hillclimb and full street circuit. With thanks to Shane for some buildings, the ADF boys for testing, and Tony (TinTops) from FOG for help and inspiriation photos.

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Originally posted by: ventu

all links dead

Same thing here. But don't worry, here I am, ready to flip your misfortunes!


If you're having problems trying to get this track, try clicking on that. It works for me, so it should work for everyone else... right?
TheLuigi755 on Jan-24-2016

Both links are fine for me
BLeeK on May-01-2013

all links dead
ventu on Feb-19-2013

Hey DMz,

I'm involved with running the event, can you message me with some contact details as I would like to talk to you about your circuit.

It's a great job you've done on an awesome track!


niftynic on Oct-12-2012

Cant wait.... Use to live just near there till i moved to bathurst a month ago.
cozmo858 on Dec-13-2009

I'm glad to see a hillclimb track my Pop competes in, you've done a nice it possible to create the Ringwood Hillclimb Track? That would be awesome if it was made!
Camryn on Dec-04-2009

hear is a great video of the track if yo are going to improve it (in my opinion the hairpins are a tad too tight) but other then that great job
thenickman3000 on Oct-27-2009

i have to ask wat made you go with king edward is it the races they hold here every year im glad u done it cause it saved me making it i was talking to one of my m8s and said i might make edward park then two days later there it was lol and a bloody dam fine job i must say love the part flying past newcastle police station without getting in trouble lmao thanks m8 keep up the tremendous work.
vn88holden on Sep-21-2009

awsome track feel at home on it i even know it of by heart as i live right near it but one prob with it on replay the camera is under the ground going up the hill other than that bloody beautiful.
vn88holden on Sep-21-2009

great track

one wanted improvement to the track, the second to last corner should be more flat then after go uphill( not through the corner) NOT TRYING TO BE NEGATIVE just constructive criticism
thenickman3000 on Sep-09-2009

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