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Killarney 1

By: Rockett_Man
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Aug-11
Current release: 1, on 15-Aug-11

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Screenie by: Rockett_man
Screenie by: Rockett_man
Screenie by: Rockett_man
Screenie by: Rockett_man

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Killarney Motor Racing Complex is a motor racing complex in Cape Town, South Africa. It first saw action in 1947.

In 1959/60 the track was upgraded and rebuilt to conform to the required FIA standard for the 1500 cc Formula One cars of the time. The design was entrusted to Edgar Hoal, a leading racing driver and roads engineer, who also supervised its construction.

The Western Cape then had its first taste of international Formula One racing when the non-championship Cape Grand Prix was held at Killarney on 1 January 1960. Since then the complex has grown to include every facet of circuit motorsport. So much so that Killarney currently hosts all forms of main circuit racing, as well as motocross, karting, super motards, stock cars and drag racing.

First release will contain not many buildings that are accurate to the to the track (Race control and new pits are just objects from downloaded BTB XPacks, so not the correct Killarney buildings). I don't have the skills to make these, so if anybody thinks they do, please contact me.

Version 1.0
Known problems: Two Table Mountains (I know why but don't know how to fix it.)
Pit buildings with some invisible surfaces and a white floor.
AIW has not been done at all, so for the moment, can you not vote for AI Behaviour in the vote, I know what the answer is.

Next version will have done AIW

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Hi Abyss. If you are going to help out, could I ask for the corners to have their signs (such as Turn 1 has Cell C, Turn 2 has Engen, Turn 3 has Shell I think it is, Turn 4 has SABAT and Turn 5 has Vodacom. I would also like to see the Goodyear bridge please. If you require pics of the bridge, I can send you some via e-mail.
TheScorpion93 on Mar-29-2012

Not a bad start to the track at all. Just a few vital changes needed tho.
Turn 1 is a shorter turn than what you have. Turn 3 is also not as sharp as you currently have it.
But that might be because there is no camber on your WIP yet. Turn 3 has some camber and Turn 5 has major camber. Then there is obviously all the bumps which need to be done, cause the track is super bumpy
Let me know if you need anything to help. I race there often and also take pics there. So i got alot of reference i can give you, as well as get anything you might need. Big thanks though for doing this, cause its a dream come true.
Abyss on Sep-15-2011


I am form Cape Town, South AFrica and I must say Well done!! Its really not bad at all for a version 1.0 and a first try. We could really make this circuit perfect. I have driven around it a couple of times in real life.

I will glady help you improve the track. There is just a couple of elevation corrections and some kerbs needed otherwise its really good. I also noticed when passing down the main straight, when you go to close to the wall it gives you a speeding pitlane penalty and in a race im sure it will give you a stop and go penalty.

Let me know if I can be of further help. My email is

Im sure I know you from SARL...

Kind Regards.

JanKriel on Sep-06-2011

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