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Kicevo 1.10

By: nothke
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 20-Jan-12
Current release: 1.100, on 20-Jan-12

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Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: nothke
Screenie by: rFc
Screenie by: rFc

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/// Track Info ///

This circuit is located on a military base polygon in Kicevo, Macedonia. It is used as a venue in the Macedonian racing championship. Its narrow and bumpy track and dangerous runoff areas offer very close competition, very little space for error and guarantees an exciting race!

/// Problems: ///
-Some ATI cards may experience error loading background texture resulting in a crash, in that case you must download a reduced size texture fix (from the download section), and put it in the track folder.

For instructions and troubleshooting check the readme

/// Credits: ///
Kicevo Krug, Macedonia
Track made by Nothke

Special thanks to:
for info help and testing from Mjanosh,
and AKKNK VA forum and new year surprise race participants =)

Track models and textures are made by Nothke
- vegetation by Martinez (some taken from RBR by SCi)
- Tyre Walls by Austinman55
- few textures are taken from Janvier's texture pack, and some extracted from ISI's tracks
- many textures I combined from cgtextures
- sky textures by Neil 'Krunch' Faichney

This is a non-profit modification
All rights are reserved by people mentioned in the credits.

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zakicyrer on Sep-26-2018

This is more like a tarmac rally stage than a race circuit - hard to believe there's enough room for racing! Great fun nonetheless.
docmcstuffins on Jul-18-2014

This is a really great looking track with very nice detail, it's great to drive around but the racing is not so good with AI cars because all they seem to do is run straight in to, have they got no brakes in Macedonia?
jon157uk on Jan-29-2012

Nice track, good job - personally, I like these little club tracks. They take you off the beaten path of famous bits of asphalt (Spa, Monza, Indy) to new locations you get to discover because you never heard about them before. Besides, this one has atmosphere, gives you a sense of 'being there', which is very important imho. It's too small and narrow a track for big fast cars really, but it's great to race (street) Civics, Yugos, Miatas or Minis; for open wheelers, only suits Formula Vee really, but it works really well in those, great fun. On the real life track there are perhaps a bit more (and bit bigger) trees, but that's about all I noticed.
Raido1 on Jan-23-2012

Wow.. This track is great.. Its fun as hell to drive.. looks amazing.. even like the hard to see no speed limit pit style too..
Hellchylde on Jan-22-2012

El link del fix, lleva al mismo fichero
ricki1961 on Jan-21-2012

Nice effort looks great and its only 16 meg, very good!
Madcowie on Jan-21-2012

Some real track footage:
nothke on Jan-21-2012

Thank you guys , the track look amaizing.
cico76 on Jan-21-2012

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