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Karlsruhe Badische Strecke 1.05

By: F1Edition
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 03-Oct-14
Current release: 1.050, on 03-Oct-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: F1Edition
Screenie by: F1Edition

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12:17 03.10.2014"Karlsruhe Badische Strecke" v. 1.05 for rFactor von Andre F1-Edition.

In 1955, the section of Bundesautobahn 5 was completed between Ettlingen and Bruchhausen. The pits are on the federal highway 3, the start on the autobahn before exit Ettlingen, here it goes over the B3 next to driveway Karlsruhe-Süd, then there is a 2 km-long straight and a lap is over.

Construction workers of the track for rFactor:
Objects and/or textures from Andre F1-Edition, Virtua_LM team, CY-33, Thomas Lächele, Philcout and TheSky, MotorFX and Com8.
I'd like to thank all the others I have not listed now, but have stood by me with help and advice.

How could it be otherwise, even here is a problem.
At night some clipping on the track with the front headlights.

Test computer:
The race track was tested and developed on an standard PC with AMD Phenom II 3.2GHz with GeForce GTS 450 at a resolution of 1024 * 768.
The field was limited to 30 cars, which is for the start field the maximum.

Please unpack the ZIP file into the rFactor target directory or rather copy.

Image Space Incorporated for the great racing sim rFactor.
Dave Noonan for 3DSIMED.
Bobs Track Builder for this great track-designer-program.

I'd developed the race track for GT Legends and I expanded visually and technically for rFactor.
The download is only permitted on the websites of, and, should be the path where to download differently, notify me.
Please Ask whenever changes are made.


(c) October 2014

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ENGLISH: Very nice track! its my favourite track! I also really enjoy driving the bmw M1 on it
DEUTSCH:Sehr gute Strecke! Es ist meine lieblings Strecke! Ich mag es sehr, den BMW M1 auf dieser Strecke zu fahren
GamingX33 on Nov-28-2018

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adamhebrew on Oct-05-2018

Middle Spain is a track located in spain central. Its a secundary road limited to 90 km/h. The circuit have 2566.7 meters of longitude.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

AlonsoFan12 on Feb-07-2016

Great job! Great track! Thank you, F1Edition!
neron2 on Oct-15-2014

Very, very good. I like the atmosphere of these kind of ciruits. A must have.
Cheeveer on Oct-05-2014

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