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Japan Formula3 2007 4.31

By: rFactor Series_Junior Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 01-Jun-08
Current release: 4.310, on 17-Oct-10

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Screenie by: Hikonyan@rFS
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Screenie by: TimStilson
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Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy
Screenie by: jillnoy

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If you installed any version of JF3, please delete GamedataVehiclesJF3 folder before installing.
Then copy and paste the GameData, MovieData and rFm folder to your rFactor folder.

-----JF3 2007 Plus 2002-2009 (JF3 2002-2009) Mod-----

-2002-2009 Japan Formula 3 Cars.

-Added Dallara F308 & F302

-New tire and wheel model

-Updated cockpit and textures

-Brand new physics & engine noise

-Circuit map attached to the steering added.

Have Fan!


-add Hankook tyre and Yokohama tyre
-adjust suspention layout of all cars
-adjust tyre models
-adjust torque curve of all cars
-add some helmets and machines


-Added and fixed some skins.


-The position of the push rod of the machine of N class is corrected.
-The burst rate of incidence of a tire is decreased.

-Fixed F305's drag in wide tread.
-Modified heating parameter a little in Honda engines.
-Raised engine's CGHeight for 60mm
-The texture detail of Dallara F308 is corrected.

-Fixed F308 mirror problem

-Minor fix

-Added F308s
-Added N-Class car in 2008 and 2009
-Renewed file structure
-Modified Wheel Materials
-Modified physics


-Fix some promlem on dome test cars.
-Changed F106's downforce.


-Add the raising hand function
-Brand new helmet models
-Add 2002-2004 cars, and add 2002-2006 helmets.
-Standarize file names and adding helmet painter's name
-Move Dome test car from 2005 and 2006 to Extra
-Adding the function that loads alpha from a particular file to F302.
-Remake the aero balance of all cars.
-Chage F107 and F304's suspension layout a little
-Adjusted time level a little

v3.1 Fix list

-Fixe mis-discribed veh file
-Delete Side's upgrade of Dome F107.
-Modify inner suspension's height.
-Increase drag about 1%.
-Change to add drag when you choose "Wide Tread" of F305-307.

v3.0 Fix list

-Add the inner suspension.
-Correct the suspension geometry.
-Modify the spring rate.
-Wide Tread additional specifications.
-Performance tuning of traction control.
-Infinite Dome F107 engine to correct the orientation of the Induction Pod(2005, only).
-05JF3-10 (2005-M-TEC Co.Ltd-No.10) correct the name of the driver Skins.
-The original 05JF3-10 (2005-M-TEC Co.Ltd-No.10) in the set, 05JF3-16 (2005-M-TEC Co.Ltd-No.16) to move.
-2005 to correct the skin of the M-TEC.
-06JF3-02 (2006-Honda Toda Racing-No.2) Fixed a bug in.
-Implementation Dallara F302.
-Folder structure optimization.

v2.2 Fix list

-Modify the amount of load changes.
-Gear ratios, the ratio changed to HEWLAND FTR-200.
-Correct the error description of the upgrade.

v2.1 Fix list

-Fixed rFm file
-Fixed Physics
-Fixed a team of some skin

v2.0 Fix list

-Add New rFm file
-Optimization of the damage model
-Optimize the behavior of all machines
-DOME F107, F305 and other machines, 2005,2006 season, the Skins Add
-Two wing package (MDF = high-speed circuit design / HDF = normal specification) Add
-Optimization of tire grip
-Fixed default set

v1.2 Fix list

-F306/F307 significantly improved the layout of the suspension
-Proper tire temperature between 71 to 81 degrees corrected
-To correct the fuel consumption display
-Set to correct the default

v1.1 Fix list

-Mod name of "Japan Formula 3 2007" to change.
-Drivers to correct spelling differences.
-Tires, wheel to correct the texture.
-Part of the team's helmet logo and steering correction.
-To add files Talent.
-Undertray fixes.
-Mirror position to fix.
-v1.0 Fix patches and integration.


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