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JDM Drift Cars 2.40

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 23-Jul-08
Current release: 2.400, on 17-Nov-09

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Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: YashioFactory
Screenie by: horvathn
Screenie by: horvathn
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Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ

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The oversteer drift mod 2.4 has been released!

OBS Drift Mod 2.4 Update Notes
This is a physics update only - you need correct installation of OBS Drift Mod 2.3 first. With manay thanks to Peter Zvan.

1: Install OBS Drift mod 2.3
2: Download 2.4 patch and copy contents of this update into your rFactor Folder
3: Overwrite all the files when prompted
4: Enjoy!

2.3 Notes

Complete "Real Data" Physics rework by Ex Rally Trophy Modder Peter Zvan, 3d updates to various cars by swoop, sound rework by DMz, Many new skins by Bamse, many previous version bug fixes.

Install Instructions:

Copy contents of rar into your rfactor directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please delete your rFactor/GameData/Vehicles/OBS DRIFT MOD folder before installing this version!

see readme file for more details...



FC3S RX7 by Fangio86, Swoop & DMz
Soarer rework, soarer V8 and soarer v8 convertible by LegendsAtLunch
Skyline Cockpit by Melo
S15 Cockpit by Swoop
AE various bug fixes
S13 wing bug fix
Rotary AE86
New Team: RedBull Drift Team

The Conversion of the D1GP models from Racer to Rfactor was done by SWOOP with permission from the FSR Mod Group
Base model and base physics by
D1GP mod for Racer free car simulator
original models are property of FSR (
reworked models, cockpits and physics are property of Oversteer
FC body property of Fangio86

Thank you ISI for a wonderful sim, and for rapid response to our request for encryption of the FC meshes.

2.2 Install notes: copy contents of rar into your program files directory, upgraders may have to delete your userdata/settings/profile/obs drift mod.cch file

rf will create a new realfeel entry for every car now so you can tweak it for each car - in the rf root theres os_realfeel.ini you can copy and paste from that to get you going.


Mod by OS-Swoop and FOG>DMz

skins by
DMZ & Bamse

Default Car skins by
Default FC skin by
Additional Skins by
(tanner 350z)
(Redsun Initial D FC)

DMz, Swoop, Maug, Peter Z

Special Thanks to
SafetyLight Mesh
FSR Mod Group

Menu FFB for OS Mod created by
Game_Fr & Yoss

Blue Interface originally by

Vehicle Sounds by
Recordings by DMz, Choppa and Brocky-LJ
AE Sounds from ISI Drift Revolution

Any file, information, content, idea, or other parts
relating to this product, or its development or format
is proprietary to the above named people!

*Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

Visit os website for exterior and interior templates :) MANY many thanks to FSR for the original models and templates, and Swoop for his awesome modding skills.

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anyone has link for 2.3?
tj3651 on Apr-07-2014

So in order to get the 2.40 working I first need to install the 2.3? Would help alot if you guys gave a link to the 2.3 mod since I havent found any from google or anywhere...
vikidizikidi on Mar-08-2014

what do we do now that Megaupload is down.. I can't download the mod

Edit: Found this site... hosts 2.3 and the 2.4 patch yay
trezza on Jan-20-2012

FYI guys I have redone the physics for this mod for my own personal use but if you oversteer guys are interested i will share them with you and you can use them for an update. I did other mods as well. All the drift mods and some touge style vehicle mods.

I used real data for shocks, shock mounts, sway bars, tires with several options, mass and inertia good headlights etc. Just send me a pm if you guys are interested and I'll send my files to you. I redid all the cars and my god does it feel good. Drifts and grips perfect. No more oddness like before. And they feel like their... OMG .... REAL LIFE COUNTERPARTS!! I used whiteline sway bars, megan coilover suspension both track and street version with real shock dyno data and spring rates, redone mass, inertia, aero, track and wheelbase etc. MAJOR difference. and i made good headlights just for good measure and night time touge
RSmithdrift on Jan-15-2012

I have the same problem as Dirkd90. I installed 2.3 then added the 2.4 patch. The game loads fine but there are no drift cars apart from some crappy Ford. What's the problem?
HondaK20A on Dec-22-2011

Hello Rfactor People!

i am new to the world of RFactor as of yesterday becuase i am obsessed with Drifting and saw this mod available for Rfactor. i need help tho :s i installed the 2.3 then 2.4 mod but when i load the game up it has no cars apart from a Mustang looking pace car but no drift cars or no original cars? also i cant race or test either becuase it says there are no opponents to race but when i go to the opponant select screen its blank!? please can someone help as i want to play!!!! thanks
Dirkd90 on Dec-13-2011

@ Altitus
Someone obviously does use the xbox 360 controller to play this game. I didnt have to do anything it was auto recognized by the game and has its own "someone made it" preset. As far as getting a wheel? I love my Nardi. And when they make a game for the PC that I think is worth a retarded amount of $ for a good "game" wheel, I will get one. I just drive on the screen for how should I say, less highway patrol encounters. And its way cheaper to abuse your virtual cars than the ones in your real garage. But anyway, I would say Im 90% there with a gnarly set up. I stole the config from my Game Stock Car save, because that game actually feels legit in terms of its steering interface. Im playing with some of the unknown elements at the moment. But overall, Im having a blast now. (hangs head in shame) Some derp gave the the best advise and told me not to upgrade to the newest version. And like with the majority of my games, updates dont always mean better. So I was dealing with that 2.1 tripe. -.- (LOL @ turning steering wheel and watching the rear springs on a s15 travel like 6 inches. LOL)
TrojanHertz on Dec-04-2011

To TrojanHertz:
Facepalm extreme. NOBODY plays rFactor with an Xbox-controller?! It's really like swimming on a treadmill! This is not an arcade game, it's as close to a real driving-simulator as it gets. Go buy yourself a decent steeringwheel for PC right now or leave this place... just say'n...
Altitus on Dec-04-2011

OMG! Im going to throw a hissy fit. I was sooooo eager to devote hundreds of hours to playing this game countless nights having a blast. But after punching my knee several times, I realized there was nothing that I could do. I cant get a certain set up to work for me. Im sure you all are thinking " just give it time" but I suffered tha same problem on my former Drifting media. I was insane @ drifting in Forza3's retarded drift mode (wasn't even a different physics algorithm ) I hated using that stupid controller with an eight of an inch of movement either way to try to control a freaking wheel of a car with precision. After 3 controllers and 6 months I got the hang of it. Then the box died so I hunted till I found this MOD. But wow, this game is even more insane with the use of a controller? WTF if you so much as tap the joystick your wheel will snap to full Op-lock with a puff of smoke to top it off. LOL WTH this really sucks. I mean I know its a "sim" yadda yadda steering wheel yadda yadda, but the point is the controller is a accepted control device so it should have the chance to be useful in operating the game. But no. Not at all. I have "my tuned " the heck out of the cars, I get some, improvement, but the rate the game is set to turn that fkn wheel is so fast if I try to correct a little bit I cause the damn car to hop in the front! I have been playing games the good ole way with a controller for 30 years now. Fro the GOD of driving itself GT1 on up. And have never encountered this severe of an "OMFG!" setup. Can someone please, please help me some how. I mean Im stumped. Is there something I can access and change a much needed setting. I mean, it is not humanly possible to get that wheel to snap snap lft, rt, lft as fast as you have allowed it to be done on a controller. ( not insulting BTW so dont think so, I really did enjoy the amount of effort put into this mod) But I know those of you involved in the making of this game have played other car games "on controllers" and noticed the " turn in" and " turn out" rate of the virtual driver. Why did you make this awesome mod's drive a twacked out lightning fast wheel turning beast? LOL Has anyone had fun playing this with a xbox 360 controller? It works like butter in all my other PC games
TrojanHertz on Dec-04-2011

Is there anyway to modify the car so it's not for drifting?

I have an FC3S RX7 Track car for SCCA Club style racing, but I have not found any mods to include any FC3S into rFactor except this one, which is a big bummer for me because I would like to have some practice during the off season.
Version6 on Nov-22-2011

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