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Intercontinental A Karting 13

By: Eurokart-Sim Development Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Karts
Initial release: 19-Aug-06
Current release: 13, on 29-Mar-07

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Screenie by: Ondra7
Screenie by: Ondra7
Screenie by: Ondra7
Screenie by: Ondra7
Screenie by: Calico_Jack
Screenie by: Calico_Jack
Screenie by: Calico_Jack
Screenie by: Calico_Jack
Screenie by: barcaiolo
Screenie by: barcaiolo

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

ICA Karting Mod v13 Intetcontinental A for rFactor

Are you ready for the most intense racing of your simulation career? Welcome to the ICA Karting mod, where we simulate the highest rank of the Karting spectrum. with speeds up to 90mph on courses less than a mile in length and cornering forces up to 3 G's, this is what you call, fun.

Special Features:

3 different styles of bodywork, choose from the New Age, Stilo, or Unico bodys.

2 different airboxes, choose from the KG or the freeline

3 different styles of rear bodywork, choose from the Freeline, the Old Style, or the New CIK mandated bumper

4 different types of tyres, choose Bridgestones, Dunlops, MGs, or Vegas

4 different cockpit layous, no arms, no legs, both arms and legs, none

MANY Real life teams, with more to come!

Version 12 Fixes!!

Fixed the Grill Tape Issue (thanks slim!)
Fixed the tyre pressure Issues (wernt going low enough)
Added many teams
Deleted music
Edited the logo (Thanks adriano!)
Worked on physics

hope everyone likes!

Version 13 Fixes!!

Edited motor, more realistic
Fixed the Grill Tape that i thought i fixed (Thanks slim!)
Added a missing driver
Deleted music
Worked on physics (as always!)

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418/500 (4261 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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bharatratna on Nov-09-2017

Were there any changes left after that version (13)?
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Realming on Aug-18-2016

Yea that site they use is closed this is a mod that was out long time a go 2007 but i found a proper download link with rfm rfm added and better sound then orginal
Slobbeman on Mar-06-2013

No rfm files in the download so the mod wont work.
Before there used to be rfm files in the download link but they were removed. Why? I dont know. Maybe they think we are stupid.
Joeysolo on Mar-05-2013

ok this download seems to work until you try and race it. i think that's down to the fact that there aren't any rfms in the download which i guess is what rfactor needs so you can race the mod.
monzakarter on Nov-11-2012

Does no one have a download for this mod? honestly? can anyone contact these people or post a link to a copy of the files they have in their own files? Please i really want to use this mod.
monzakarter on Nov-02-2012

Does anyone have any properly working copy of installation file? This uploaded copy on rapidshare is not working because of some corrupt file in the archive so I can't extract it. Please, somebody upload a working installation file somewhere! It would help a lot, thanks.
9andy9 on Jul-28-2012

I do not check multiview and looks great with five screens.
ElBettia on Apr-03-2012

HI, I installed this but I cant get Multview to work properly...
Is it supported in this mod?

I have Multiview checked in the rfactor graphics settings and it works with most mods but with ICA the side screens are just black.
any ideas?
goonzo on Mar-20-2012

I dont understand why this mod doesnt work. I copy and pasted every file to the game data file and none of it ends up on the game. Im confused.
Intrepidkart10 on Dec-10-2011

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Intercontinental A Karting