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IndyCar Series 2009 1.40

By: Michael Peters
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 02-Apr-09
Current release: 1.400, on 08-Aug-09

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IndyCar Series 2009 Season Mod for rFactor v1.4

Some of the new features:
New Dallara aero tooling (new exhaust, wickers, etc.)
New paint schemes for all 2009 teams accurate as of Homestead/Barber preseason testing
Race by race paint scheme updates throughout the 2009 IndyCar Series Season
New "Reds" optional tire upgrade for use on Road Courses in 2009 (no performance change, simply graphical - option tire coming post St Pete)
Plus all of the great features of the IndyCar Series 2008 mod!


- Tommy C and J.R. Sharp for their work on the redeveloped physics in the mod.
- Mike Peters: Painted all cars, templates, User Interface, etc.
- Marcelo Barrio and PAQUITO: Car modeling, help with mapping, template shading, etc.
- Martijn Top: Assistance in physics and testing
- Doug Lynch: thanks for letting me pick your brain almost always!
- Vincent Ceballos: help with vehicle filters
- Maurice Wijma, Omar G, Ryan Field, Danny Wylie and Scott Thrasher the rest of iDT and others at for their help in testing!
- Brian Schmidt for most all of the suits and helmets!
- Pierre Pelonero: for letting me be part of one of the best modding team in the community and all of the support and friendship.
- CheifWiggum - Your helmets are essential to this mod! They are top notch! quality and I know the hard work you put in! Thank you!
-Yanden for the Talent Tweaks, Cameras, and other help through the past year
-Sandrox for the help with the brake glows and pace car gen file
-Thanks to Scarecrow for updated body textures


1.4 IS A FULL VERSION OF THE MOD. It would be wise to delete your /GameData/Vehicles/IndyCarSeries/2009_Season folder! This is the new supported version and EVERYONE should install this. This includes race by race filters through Iowa, new rFM to make for easier identification in matchmaker, new helmets/suits for ALL drivers, new cockpit mapping, etc.

Includes carpacks for Edmonton, Kentucky and Mid Ohio

Includes fix for complaints about Road Course "pulling"

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I am having an issue with the 2014 skinpack for the 2012 DW12 indycar mod. Some of the cars wont load and I get an error that says error loading mesh file Unknown_Token_FWingL1 to memory. Can someone please tell me how to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
MFloss18 on Jul-13-2015

download link dead, please fix
kevo55 on Nov-11-2014

I'm tight as hell
31burtonfan on Jul-13-2013

Anyone? When I move the folders to the rFactor folder and then try to select the cars in the game, it gives me an "Error opening DALLARAMODELS.MAS file" message. I did a search of the folder and can't find that file anywhere. Any help, please?
F1FanWoodsie on Jul-08-2013

I've seen several posts in the first 10 or 15 pages of this thread about the same problem I'm having: After installing the mod into the rFactor folder, I can't open any of the cars in the game. I get a MAS error on the cars, and none show up.

Any help on this?

F1FanWoodsie on Jun-16-2013

excellent mod. Bravo!!
nasospakos on Jun-04-2013

I downloaded this....caused my FVR 8 factor and my boz sprint mod to stutter and made them undrivable...I pulled the Cars out of the file and moved to my desktop...other series ran i guess I have to move folder back everytime I wanna run indycar. I do enjoy the mod tho!
wayfastwhiteyracing26 on Feb-14-2012

RSChamps My league is running a 2009 season, come by and check us out.

http://raceserieschamps.maxfor...tor-indycar-trackpack/ This is a full trackpack for the 2009 league. These are tracks I found in various nooks and crannies of the intarwebs and they all work well. Anyone can d/l this trackpack and use it.
guybo on Sep-09-2011

For our season series visit this link and check us out
guybo on Sep-04-2011

My league is using this series for a full IndyCar series and aside from some sound issues, this is a fantastic mod! Check out RSChamps Portal Site if anyone wants to race a full season with this awesome mod (yeah the sound is not perfect, but we think it's good enough to do a full season- 19 races + 4 preseason spread from next Sunday to next June!) check us out! Thank you for this mod and all your hard work. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Fantastic mod! Bravo!
guybo on Aug-30-2011

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