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Honda NSX 1

By: Siim Annuk and Niels Heusinkveld
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 15-Dec-13
Current release: 1, on 15-Dec-13

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Screenie by: Siim Annuk
Screenie by: Siim Annuk

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Honda NSX, one of the greatest sports cars ever made, is now available for rFactor.

The car features highly detailed 3D models created by Siim Annuk, and accurate physics created by Niels Heusinkveld.

Available as left- or right hand drive (selectable via upgrades).

Please make sure to pay close attention to the inclosed PDF file, featuring important information such as RealFeel settings and other tips how to make most of this well-crafted mod. In other words -- read the readme!

NOTE: As always, DX8 and DX7 modes are not supported. Please make sure you are running rFactor in DX9 mode!

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Texascuxi on Sep-19-2020

wdwqfdwqfd on Sep-19-2020

I first time play this game.Can show me how to install this mod.PLEASE.......
yxpirfan on Feb-24-2018

This is my favorite mod! I love the detail of the cars and the handling feels pretty realistic, even on winding tracks. Its a great mod for driving Gran Turismo Tracks. I did have some problems with it though, namely the tire sounds are shrill, and track shadows don't render onto the the car at all (I tested it side-by-side to a ZR). Thanks for the awsome street cars.
Uzzi on Oct-21-2015

I give me an error when I open the game.
froncillodaniele on Jul-13-2015

this is a good model very nice.. good phisics ,this was the favourite's ayrton senna car .!!! can you do a car if i give you the 3d model ? thats a good job
diee on Jan-25-2015

Originally posted by: YashioFactory

YEAH!! Finally we can have fun with this!! XD

teneis que abrir el rfactor usando DX9 o mejor! al parecer el modelado del coche no cargar shaders no menos de DX9.
oalithgow on Oct-30-2014

Lo intente todo y nada de funcionar, todo bien hasta que voy a selecionar el coche, me lanza un error sobre no encontrar la textura en el folder. Lo baje 3 veces y lo instale varias, hice al pie de la letra lo que decia el readme del mod.
davidtorres220 on Jun-08-2014

YEAH!! Finally we can have fun with this!! XD
YashioFactory on Apr-08-2014

Simply the best! I've installed rFactor just for this car and not did it not disappoint, but it amazed me! Even my expectations were not that high, and high they were- this car is a masterpiece - physical, visual, aural! Thank you Siim and Niels!!!

WOuld love to see this car as a mod in AC as well
Borsch on Mar-23-2014

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