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Historic Rally Cars (HRC) 1.10

By: Frank.f55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 11-Nov-06
Current release: 1.100, on 12-Nov-06

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Screenie by: hompe
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Screenie by: Bada
Screenie by: Bada
Screenie by: Bada
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Screenie by: Bada
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Screenie by: GONZTD

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Every cars of this Mod are conversions, with graphical update, independant physical handling and sounds.

Content :

- Around 120 liveries of 21 cars from F, B and S groups. 2 Cups are also available.

- 1 track (Alpine Moutains) that can be used as an hillclimb. To enjoy this feature, you just have to choose a standing start in options menu and 0 opponents. Then, you just have to launch a race.

Credits :

Integration, 3D and tracks : Frank#55 - Vassalfada

Skin and Template : Frank#55 - Melo - Vassalfada- Grietick

Sounds : Vassalfada

Physics : Frank#55 - AngeEve - DrGroove - Greeze

Tests : AngeEve - Desmo - Elio75 - DrGroove - Greeze - Grietick - Vassalfada

Menus : Pain-less

1.1 Update/patch (93.5 Mb):

- updates of the sounds including one fix for the sound of the RS200 (problem of idle), the sound of the Subway 6r4, sound revitalized for R8 and Alpine A110, Renault 12 of Monte Carlo 73, Renault 12 Hill climb.
- A fix for the aft wheels of R8 which were badly positioned.
- rFm to activate the cuts R12 Gordini and R5Turbo

IMPORTANT: You must imperatively put this patch over your install MOD HRC.

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Latest Historic Rally Cars (HRC) Comments

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SpeedRoh: Try easing your throttle a bit, these cars are beasts that you won't like to floor it all the way.
YashioFactory on Aug-05-2014

great mod,great cars...GOO
david561020 on Jun-12-2014

Hi there...don´t know what a fook is going on all the cars keep the revs at red line don´t matter how y drive it...any clues??...the cars are nice though shame I can´t drive any...cheers for fears....
SpeedRoh on Feb-15-2014

i have a problem error with the mod , in desktop a window says gmotor 2 error , a problem with shwfloor.gtm file can i fix it ?
diee on Jan-10-2013

my HRC mod works fine i tested it all
2012 on Dec-12-2012

why there s no sound for TACOMA and ESCUDO??
pa3k on Nov-12-2012

would love to try this, but the links are broken? can i still play pikes peak?
wolfrt on Sep-20-2012

R.I.P Frank#55
Clubster234 on Jun-26-2012

I have tried to install using all of the links but can't get it to work. The files are broken. Can anyone help?
07890799040 on Feb-08-2012

It is still too soon for me to give an entire evaluation, but I do not think the physics are that realistic. The Stratos does the Nordschleife in 7:01 on autopilot. That is faster than Gumpert Apollo. Apart from that, the mod does not run easily and it does some strange things, when it comes to control.
rfactornewbie on Dec-27-2011

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Historic Rally Cars (HRC)