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Hill climb Trieste Opcine 1

By: Bojan Pintar
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 08-Nov-13
Current release: 1, on 08-Nov-13

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Bojan Pintar
Screenie by: Bojan Pintar

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This track was located in Trieste, Italy.

The beginnings of the race began in 1911 with a length of 7.4 km, the first track was gravel. Length of track was changed over the years and in 1960 it was lengthened to 10.150 m. Starts in the heart of Trieste, the Foro Ulpiano, with the aim of Opcine.

Track is very fast, the fastest average speed was 149 km / h.
The events ended in 1971 due to complaints from residents of the danger and too much noise.

More you can find in page:

and here is first prewiev of track:

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The first one is that we discovered severe problems on Windows 8 injecting the RFE code into rFactor 1255G to bring alive the missed or incomplete original code.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Please link to version 1.1
neron2 on Jan-16-2016

Thank you! Great job!
neron2 on Apr-05-2014

boyan.......y're the best
i been waiting for this so long......
i'm crying
i'm living in trieste!!!
after grobnik an other wonderfull job
biofa on Mar-22-2014

Originally posted by: boy36


Firs of all sorry for delay.I updated colision problem to the track.Because i don t have a time to test track,please test and report the bugs.

Thank you it works better now but still have some invisible walls if not driving along the middle of the road.
one more thing, I recommend you to update the version number on the title so this track could be pushed up on rfactorcentral once. I didnt notice it has been updated till today.
goldgoldgold on Mar-20-2014


Firs of all sorry for delay.I updated colision problem to the track.Because i don t have a time to test track,please test and report the bugs.
boy36 on Jan-13-2014

Originally posted by: goldgoldgold

will there be any fix for the invisible wall ?

I didn't want to bother Bojan, but I'm really curious about this too.

We have this track scheduled for mid-January in our hill climb championship at VirtualHillClimb, and we're really hoping the invisiwalls get fixed before then. DRM's are a blast on this course!
myself9 on Nov-26-2013

will there be any fix for the invisible wall ?
goldgoldgold on Nov-25-2013

Another beautiful track. What a landscape, how nice the villages are! Congratulations and mtks. Best regards to you!
moppelino on Nov-17-2013

Great looking track, but;

Please stop making these tracks only for rFactor; we need more tracks for rFactor 2!

Since I purchased rFactor 2, I tried several times going back to the first version of rFactor to 'drive' the latest tracks and cars available;
but every time I do, I instantly notice the BIG AND BETTER difference in car/track behavior from rFactor 2, forcing me to stop the old sim
and go back to the new one. But till now, there is not enough variation in tracks and mods available for rFactor2 in compare to rfactor,
so I ask every one that is able to create tracks for rFactor, please also make a version for rfactor 2 if possible. Thank you kindly!
stone3d on Nov-13-2013

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