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Grinding Tranny Mod 2.00

By: Richard Jackett

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Grinding Tranny Mod version 2.0 "High-heel and Toe Edition"
for rFactor by Richard Jackett (hardjack79 at nogrip)

Using your H-pattern shifter, if you change gear without using the clutch and do not match the revs closely enough you will hear the gearbox grinding, and you will remain in neutral until you re-shift using the clutch (alternatively you can set the mod to accept just a re-clutching instead of a full re-shift, or even to have a fixed delay). If you use the clutch properly then your shifts will always be successful.


Detects when gearshifts should not succeed and makes the gearbox react accordingly, leaving you in neutral.

NEW: After missing a shift, a full clutched reshift is now needed (clutch-only and fixed time options also available).

NEW: Has its own sound engine to play grinding sounds (or optionally use rFactor's horn function).

NEW: Driver name and control details are now automatically detected so editing of the ini file is no longer needed.

NEW: Plugin can be turned on/off from within the upgrades menu, and can use different settings for each car.

NEW: Real-time output of gearbox state (grinding or not grinding) so that hobbyists can add FFB to their gear shifters.

IMPROVED: Telemetry can be written to a console and/or a text file to help you analyse your shifting technique.

Automatically loads the current gear ratios for your car every time you hit the track.

Highly customisable via an ini file, which is reloaded every time you hit the track.

OLD: A developer that is keen to hear suggestions and bug reports to improve the plugin.


1. In your controller.ini / plr file you should have "Gear Select Button Hold" enabled, and "Auto Clutch", "Auto Blip", and "Auto Lift" disabled.
2. Unpack the archive to your rFactor installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\rFactor).
3. In rFactor, go to the Controller panel, and map a key to the "Neutral" function.
4. Also in the Controller panel, make sure Upshift and Downshift are unmapped, as these affect how rFactor treats shifts.

Link to official thread to follow soon.
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hello... i am wondering where the heck is the .plr file??? where is it? what is it?
Tomppelix on Feb-28-2013

Thanks for the thoughtful comments and suggestions gringosan, Kujo42, and elbo. I don't get notifications when you post here and its been ages since I've stopped by, so sorry the reply is so late.

Kujo42, the shift up shift down thing is a real pain, I agree. I'm not sure if I can find a way around it because it changes how rFactor treats neutral rather than anything I do in the plugin. However I will have a look into it if I ever update the plugin.

elbo, does rFactor2 still not include a (more politely named) missed gear feature? I don't have it yet but a port is not out of the question if/when I do, depending on if they've shut off the tricks I used to make it work.

I keep meaning to make a demo of the FFB/tactile shifter that is possible with the existing plugin, so that should probably come before GTM3.0. But all these ideas are great -- most of what changed from v1 to v2 was from forum comments and suggestions from the HistorX team, so I really do appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think and what would make it better.
richardjackett on May-01-2012

I've stated before how highly I think of this mod. It truely puts the sim in simracing.
Okay enough sucking up...I'm writing to ask if you are going to port this over to rfactor2. It is just not the same shifting without the stress of a grinding tranny hovering over you (That's right I said it, another bad grinding tranny pun, sorry).
elbo on Feb-14-2012

Thank you for developing such a wonderful add-on!!
(I know it's been around for a while now, but I only just bought my G27 during the summer...which replaced my Logitech MOMO wheel.)

It took me a while to get the hang of heel-toe downshifts (man, can it ever feel 'foreign' at first!!), but I still wondered if I was doing it 'right'.
Having installed this add-on, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was - 95% of the time - properly rev-matching.
In testing the add-on out, I found I had to purposefully shift incorrect just to get it to trigger.
In a race, I can now identify when/where I tend to grind the gears and have actually seen an improvement in my shifting as a result.

I did, however, have to do some tweaking in the .ini file to my liking.

I found the included sound file didn't match almost all of the mods I like racing. In fact, most of them already have a shift 'sound' by the way the add-on itself operates when you miss a shift (IE: repeatedly hitting the 'neutral' key), it was always obvious I'd messed up, because the engine + shift sound was totally different...and I'd get a loss of power.
So I just turned it off in the .ini

I also didn't quite like how by default, you have to shift out and then back into gear.
Technically in real life (I guess dependent on the vehicle as well), if you shift incorrectly (up or down) the transmission shouldn't let the shifter into the 'gate'...producing the grinding noise. Since the G27's H-shifter has no bias whether you are shifting correctly or not, and in some cars the gears will 'half-engage'; I changed the "Re-shift Method" in the .ini file to '2' that engaging the clutch (without moving the shifter) will get me into gear properly, which I feel is much more 'realistic'.

I would like to make one suggestion, should there be more updates in the future.
Could you please find a way to remove having to un-map the 'shift up' / 'shift down' keys in the game?
I do enjoy driving some mods where the cars involved shift via paddles on the steering wheel. Since I like to drive with as much realism as possible, I always had the paddles on my G27 mapped, so when I drove those mods I would use them to shift. If I could get that ability back (without having to constantly disable the mod and re-map the keys) that would be awesome!

Again...great job on the add-on!
A much welcome addition to making sim racing that much more 'real'.
Kujo42 on Dec-26-2011

Fantastic addon

Thanks for developing this gem

installation took some time to get right... I needed to search forum to solve some issues. Please update the included instructions in the download.

1. Make the point that you must map a keyboard key for neutral... I tried to use a controller button and then , (comma) but had to use keyboard "n" to get it to work. This lead me to the odd head shaking when missing a shift. Also (i think) prevented the re-clutch to engage gear feature from working, the missed shift just timed out and went into gear.

2. Took some time to figure out the "Gear Select Button Hold" is in the (Controller INI)

The log feature help trouble shooting the issues, as did the forums but the user should not suffer for some good instruction.

gringosan on Nov-02-2011

You need to write your own plugin to translate the grinding tranny state into an FFB response, but yeah, what you are saying is totally possible if you have programatic control over your FFB device.

There is a function in GrindingTranny.dll called GetGrindingStatus() that returns an integer describing the current state of the plugin/gearbox. If you add the dll as a reference (?) to your project file then you can call it as often as you like and it will tell you when a gear has been missed, etc. What you do with that information is up to your imagination

It reports as follows:
1 - plugin located (but not active)
2 - plugin located and initiated by rFactor
4 - rFactor running in real time (ie on track but not grinding)
8 - Grinding a gear

Have fun with your project, let me know how it works out.
richardjackett on Oct-16-2011

Can you put in any ffb info into it so that the shifter can come out of gear? My Hpattern shifter is ffb.
Hammer_338th on Oct-14-2011

Can you give very very detailed instructions. im a noob and have no idea what an ini file or plr file is or how to change or modify anything. I need exact, step by step directions
reedpower23 on Aug-22-2011

Thanks Richard! I am actually working with F1SR for the update to F1 1991 HE. I am doing everything in my power to get them to embed grinding tranny into the mod now.

I hope I succeed. Are your details (email, etc) available? PM me if you can.

PS: We are researching every single Motorsport Magazine from 1990-1992, Autocourse 1991, and many other books to get the update to 1991 HE perfect. But it would only be perfect driving (in my opinion) if it had Grinding tranny embedded.

Take care man!
gold333 on Apr-20-2011

Hi gold333 and MrPowCz, thanks very much for your comments, I'm really glad you like the way it changes the feel of rFactor.

As for difficulty, I can't exactly remember what default settings I used for each... in fact I think they are the same. But it is very easy to tune it to your liking by editing the GrindingTranny.ini file in your Plugins folder.

I'm hoping that some of the best mods will include support for the plugin in future versions, but this hasn't happened yet. Feel free to suggest it to them

For how the versions differ, see the list of features on page 1. The main thing is that if you miss a shift you can fix it with a reshift instead of having to wait for a set time, and then a bunch of usability improvements.

Keep having fun!
richardjackett on Mar-26-2011

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