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Grand Slam 1

By: Team Players / IDT / D3
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 30-Jan-10
Current release: 1, on 30-Jan-10

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Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Bob (Punko353)
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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On behalf of Team Players, IDT and D3 I would like to announce the final release of the Grand Slam mod.

Originally planned in 2006 for a commercial sim which was never realized we have decided to finish it up and
release it as a mod for rFactor. Featuring the Riley, Crawford Doran and Fabcar from the Daytona Prototype
Class with different engines including the Pontiac, Ford, Lexus, Infinity, Porsche and BMW.

The original physics were created by Dave Henrie using as much real data as was available and with
help from Alex Gurney who is an actual driver of this series he was able to give us some great feedback.
We had the pleasure of going to the Daytona 24 hour race with CXC simulations and were fortunate to have
a number of real drivers test our mod on the CXC Motion Pro II. Alex Gurney, A.J Almendinger, Justin Wilson,
Max Papis Ryan Briscoe, Scott Pruett and Helio Castroneves were among the drivers that drove this mod in its beta stage.

Due to a situation beyond our control Dave was unable to complete the physics so the final version was done by Shawn Purdy.
Shawn did an excellent job of improving on what Dave started. So I would like to thank both of them for their help in
finishing the physics for this mod.

I would like to thank Pierre Pelonero for giving this mod to Team Players to finish up.
When he first offered it to me to finish up the original intention was to just get the
Riley working and release it to go with the Fabcar. After looking at the files he gave
me I decided to rework the other models which were incomplete.

I would especially like to thank the guys from our special team that put so much work into
finishing this mod up and the beta testers that helped Shawn get the physics dialed in.

Special thanks to:

Alex Gurney for all your help in testing and feedback.

Chris Considine from CXC for all your help and kindness for setting up the Daytona trip and
for allowing us to have this mod on your Simulator for the Daytona experience.

Pierre Pelonero for allowing us to finish this mod up and let it finally see the light of day.

Rob (Trebor69) Stubb for your great work creating the promo videos for Team Players.

The following members of the team that helped complete this mod.

Shawn Purdy
Dave Henrie
Bob Russell
Andy S
Barry Blocker
Chris Considine
Darin SRT
Mike Peters iDT
Stefan Nydegger

Many thanks for all your help guys ;)




This mod is dedicated to all the people that have been in Team Players,
IDT and D3 over the last few years. Below is a list of all the names
of people that have been involved in these three teams at some point or another.

Many have crossed over from one team to another or have left the teams but
I wanted to give each one of them the recognition they deserve and the gratification
of knowing that this mod is finally getting to see the light of day.

Thank you all.

The list of names is a long one so please read the Grand Slam Credits to acknoledge all the people involved.


Team Players Virtual Garage

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This is a great mod. Sure, the cars have very little grip, and they can be rather demanding to drive, but that's what makes these DPs so much fun to drive.

I'm having so much fun with these cars!
TheLuigi755 on Jul-08-2015

Is there a way to get the brakes work better?

When braking after a long straight i have to brake at 400 to 500m to get through slow corners like Mulsanne.
erwin greven on Sep-02-2013

there is no Dload link!!!!!
TopSpeeder on Oct-28-2012

i downloaded the mod and it didnt let me drive the cars and didnt come with any tracks i suggest american le mans mod
derbyjoe on Jan-21-2012

the real cars are better than that. and cant keep a pace like the ai
shagwhan on Sep-23-2011

mod is poooooo
shagwhan on Sep-23-2011

There is an issue with the fuel consumption numbers used in the engine files. I have attempted to contact a few of the listed contacts about this issue. I have spelled it all out in the Team Players forum dealing with this mod. If someone could please get a hold of me I am more than willing to work with the folks involved to help assist with getting an official fix out to the masses.

Thank you in advance.
house382 on Sep-21-2010

New League Starts in 2 weeks running every other saturday @ 11pm est
bmbliss219 on Apr-25-2010

These cars do not generate much downforce, Compared to Le Mans prototypes, they only produce about 70% of the downforce. You have to drive with the tires more than relying on the wings to keep you planted. The cars do not have diffusers nor tunnel bottoms to generate Ground Effects suction either.
This is the nature of the beast.

Thanks for the comments..

dave henrie
davehenrie on Apr-16-2010

just be gentle with her..
_FIREWIRE_ on Apr-16-2010

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