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Grand Prix De PARIS 2004 1

By: TheSky and Michel & Sylvain GLAPA
Origin: Composite | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 01-Feb-09
Current release: 1, on 01-Feb-09

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Screenie by: Pipilavoin
Screenie by: Pipilavoin
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky
Screenie by: TheSky

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PARIS 2004 for rFactor, Ver 1.0 - 01/2009 By TheSky

CIRCUIT IMAGINATION? According to the BD MICHEL VAILLANT "300 per hour in Paris" No. 42, 1983
(A strip of illuminated spoke seriously at the time to organize a F1 Grand Prix in Paris, Jean Graton * was organized.)
* Jean Graton Creator of comics Michel Vaillant

Idea resumed in October 2004 by GLAPA Michel and GLAPA Sylvain for NASCAR 2003

I thank Sylvain GLAPA for permission to convert the circuit simulators for rfator.

3 versions of the circuit / Original Nascar / Light / Full - Total 180Mo

Good Route @ TheSky

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Hands down one of my favorite rfactor tracks. However, there is one problem. It's not the track itself, it's the A.I. In the back stretch there seems to be a sharp chicane that the A.I. cars always seem to hit and since I normally drive open wheel vehicles this effectively causes a huge pileup. For example, if I start with 19 A.I. cars only between 1 and 3 cars normally finish. The A.I. sometimes I just don't understand
Moduser25 on Sep-28-2015

Download link updated
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-28-2012

download links are dead...
tomersg on Jul-27-2012

lol track. PLZ make a track around London. Start on The Mall, Head towards Admiralty arch and turn left, followed by a right up the side of trafalgar square and then another left. Carry on until a left turn up Haymarket Street to Picadilly Circus, thurn left and then left round Eros down Regent Street. Turn right onto pall mall and carry on to the end and turn right up St James Street. Then turn left onto Picadilly and up the right hand side of the dual carriageway and up the slip road onto the hyde park corner roundabout. Drive all the way round to the right around wellington arch and onto Constitution hill. Finish with a left, right, left chicane around Queen Victoria infrontof Buckie Pal onto The Mall. PLZ do it, Anyone who reads this can do it. Use Google Street View to help.
Rockett_man on Jan-26-2010

Love the track, but have one question. Where's the Eiffel Tower?
lnfinity on Jul-18-2009

Got big troubles with the track. Sometimes cars arn´t visible the other time they are disorted badly with their polys going everywhere. Everytime I try to run the track theres something
Michkov on Feb-28-2009

Where we can download the Nissan Skiline??
Paolino99 on Feb-09-2009

nice track... I've already seen this track on an almost unknown game, "Speed Challenge - Jacques Villeneuve's Racing Vision". Did the developers of this game have the same idea of Michel and Sylvain GLAPA or is it the same track?
StyleRiva89 on Feb-08-2009

Concerning the irritating "cobbelstones" sound.

Goto Settings/Audio/Sound Effects Volume , for me a value of 19% is quite nice
André on Feb-07-2009

I cannot get enough of this track. Perhaps a formula 1 venue in the future? The ChampCars are magic here, I have posted my race setup above. Congrats on the release, please, please release more tracks of this type. Fantasy or not, these are the kind of tracks that rFactor needs.

saultenian on Feb-07-2009

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