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GTx5 0.50

By: Virtua_LM and Monsum
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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I agree the Kremer Cars are needed for history sake as well as all the other great cars you've created. I am an American traveling in France, Visited LeMans, drove the Moulsane and in a Citrogren for God's sake, and all I thought of was how cool it would be to have this Mod when I get back. I hope you are able to finish the very best conceived mod of all times.
cprice on Dec-10-2013

First of all I'd like to thank the whole team for their superb Group C mod. It is just great.
As for GTx5, I'm waiting it so much. I think DRM 1.0 mod is wonderful but it lacks of some Kremer cars. And it would be extremely interesting to compare your version of Group 5.
Really hope the project is alive. Wish all the best to the team and thanks for all your work!
Helgi on Jul-03-2013

Staff of Virtua_LM, I know how difficult it is to make a mod from scratch. I myself was a member of a group that made a ill fated effort to create a WSC 1970 mod for GPL (at that time I was know as "der Jaguar", nickname I've adopted because of my excitement with my first term trying to learn German). And I know it is annoying to have people asking you to release something you are so interested in distributing as they are in having, but real life issues don't let you and your team mates. So, take what I am going to write as a kind ask of favor and, if you are not feeling like doing so, I apologize in advance:

Would it be possible to do with GTX5 what you've done with Prototype-C, ie, partial releases, at least of that cars we can't find in any other MOD (like the 935/78, 935/K3 and K4, 935/77...)?

I take the opportunity to tell you I can't express in words my gratitude for the much fun I had with Prototype-C and with driving other Group 5/GTX mods around Le Mans and Fuji, both in rFactor and in GTR2.

My English is not that good, so if you find any difficulty to understand what I've tried to say I'm pretty sure that one of the Brazilians in the Virtua-LM team will can :-)

Thanks in advance!
rpenacho on Jun-21-2013

With rFactor now having dynamic weather the sim is really back on top again so I hope this project is not dead. VLM, please don't drop this, all your work has been great so I'm sure this will be good stuff, too, and much appreciated by all simracers.
dh_vetmed on Feb-28-2013

let's go!! i need this mod!
alexhorste on Dec-28-2011

Originally posted by: coolhandpaul

I'll probably upset a few people by asking, but what the heck - Will this ever come out?

No, it doesn't appear it will.
berko on Nov-29-2011

You guys should stop upsetting the guys at Virtua_LM, its not like your helping them release this any time faster. Though, encouragement might work on a different level
CapitanulHaos on Apr-15-2010

I'll probably upset a few people by asking, but what the heck - Will this ever come out?
coolhandpaul on Mar-01-2010

they will have it ready when rFactor 2 is released ... or maybe they wait till rFactor 3 comes out lol
NobbyRacing08 on Feb-27-2010

theyre probably tired of reading your crap snowman.. just remember how much their amazing work costs you, me, everyone!!
MidOhio/LeMans are timeless pieces of art, not knocked up over a short time!!

If youre so in need of the mod, surely a year is enough time to make the thing yourself?

(lets all wait for your mod?? and see how good it is)
THEDUMMY on Nov-19-2009

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