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Full Throttle Dragway 1

By: Freew67
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 25-Dec-09
Current release: 1, on 25-Dec-09

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Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: (GRI) garv
Screenie by: (GRI) garv
Screenie by: (GRI) garv
Screenie by: (GRI) garv
Screenie by: John Milner
Screenie by: John Milner

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Full Throttle Dragway is based off a real American dragstrip. I could not find any decent pics so decided to just make it a fantasy track. Track has a working tree and night lights. On Fridays the concession stand has $1 beers till 10 pm.

Set the race to 2 laps online and offline. The main track during practice will split your laps up into 2 dif laps. Once you race and exit, the game will show you your total 1/4 mile time. It will also show you your sector times if you click on your name. At the bottom here and in the readme will show how the sectors are split up. I have also included a practice track, which 1 lap will give you a 1/4 mile time. This would be a test and tune track, so you dont have to keep clicking reset race.

Offline use formation/standing start, and place yourself in grid spot 2. AI starts to roll, you rev back, do burnout and stage. Once your set, hit spacebar to get AI car back.

Online use standing start, you should then have 30 secs to roll back, do a burnout and stage. Ive tested other ways, but this way seems to function the best.

Online with more then 2 cars the admin will need to set grid spots 1 and 2. /editgrid

Timing sectors: Full Throttle Dragway
Lap 1
Sector 1: 60 ft
Sector 2: 330 ft
Sector 3: 660 ft
Lap 2
Sector 1: 1000 ft
Sector 2: 1200 ft
Sector 3: 1320 ft

Timing sectors: Full Throttle Dragway Practice
Lap 1
Sector 1: 60 ft
Sector 2: 330 ft
Sector 3: 1320 ft

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Track Layout
Racing Line
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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Slobbeman on Sep-09-2014

sorry for my bad english
yag4348 on Sep-09-2014

How do I get the cars in the pictures?
TonerismFTW on Jun-27-2013

I would like to get something going, ONLINE with some people have some good fun drag racing using various Mods. My name on rFactor is Firebirdy
Trollpwer on Dec-04-2010

Hey Rocket if you look below your post....there is links buddy
(GRI) garv on Jul-09-2010

The 1st corner is a tricky one.
All cars will crash!
caspervdluijt on Feb-14-2010

Is somewhere more Drag cars to download?

I'm sorry with my bad english.

... Finnish Drag Race driver ...
Rocket455Man on Feb-08-2010

I added a link to my KYSS Drag Beta. This isnt a full fledge mod so Im not going to bother with creating a new page here at RFC. This was a quick conversion and it was more to just get them to act about right. I make tracks, not mods, so this wont be 100% right. The AI want to create their own lanes at times and might even flick you off. You want to improve it, feel free! I changed what I could and Im sure some things I couldnt. Just a little something to mess with before the main drag mods get released. Only did this for a laugh. I was running in the 9.3-9.5 range during testing. Enjoy!
freew67 on Jan-04-2010

Looking good m8 hey weldone.
ADF-Medic on Jan-04-2010

Added a link to a youtube video of my Kentucky Street Stocks that I converted into a drag car.
freew67 on Jan-02-2010

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