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Formula BMW 2.20

By: iDT Racing Simulations
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 16-Jan-07
Current release: 2.200, on 27-Jan-08

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Screenie by: hondacbr125
Screenie by: hondacbr125
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Screenie by: halama123
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Screenie by: Vitor Barreto
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Screenie by: halama123
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Screenie by: Mrk911

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To Kick Off The 2007 USA Formula BMW Season, iDT Is Releasing The Formula BMW 2.0 Mod For rFactor.

We would like to take this time to wish all the USA Formula BMW drivers a successful season opener at Miller Motorsport Park (May 17/07).


Formula BMW has proven itself as the premier open wheel entry level professional series on the planet. The Formula BMW program is so much more than just a race series. BMW has seen the need for training both on and off the track and stepped in to forge future champions. Alumni have gone on to race in Atlantics, Champ Car, F3, GP2, A1GP and the list goes on and on.

iDT Racing Simulations is very pleased to give the community the opportunity to campaign these identically prepared machines. You have cars from every country at your finger tips. We have strapped these cars to the chassis dyno, flogged them around countless circuits from all over the planet and given former FBMW drivers the opportunity to tell us what we have done wrong all in the quest to perfect these momentum hungry machines .

IDT would also like to take a moment to welcome the Speedwerx team into the family. Without these guys the Formula BMW project would NEVER have come together.

From all of us at Team iDT, See you on track!
------------READ ME------------

Alot has been fixed too much to list but there are a couple way to install the Formula BMW 2.0

1. IF You have Version 1.0 (Unmodified!) installed you can download the Formula BMW 2.0 Patch and install it overtop the old version.
2. You can download the FULL Formula BMW 2.0 (which includes version 1.0 and the 2.0 Patch)
There is a 1024x1024 Skin pack available for those that need a lower resolution skin pack.
I would like to send a big thanks out to the iDT members that helped put this patch together. It was tough but totally worth it!

iDT Racing Simulations

2.1 patch fixes cockpit clipping and brake overheating.
2.2, sorry, forgot the rfm and folder structure.

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Thank you! We (Denver Car Detailing) have enjoyed the mod. - Mike from
morso on Oct-02-2020

This is awesome! Thanks
docmcstuffins on Aug-20-2014

You can download a reasonably good template here:
comadylover5 on Oct-26-2013

Thank you very much.
dvittael on Oct-19-2013
Dougrun on Dec-30-2012

hi i trying download the mod but all links are broken can someone can post a link to download it ? tks
Victor74 on Dec-28-2012

Hi !
The car is great . But I can't download the template ..
TRRking on Jul-30-2012

Oui oui, The Best of the Best!!!
No throttle bug on my RGT wheel. It tends to stick near full throttle most of the time, but not with Formula BMW by iDT Racing Simulations.
Excellent base set-up, great looking cars. So far, the best mod (or stock rFactor) I tried!
Thank you very much
JackKebek12 on May-21-2012

Best of The Best! So much thank You for this incredible fantastic mod. Greeting from Poland to You! We play in this mod with friends and we have a lot of funny, so great races.
etienne_ on Jun-22-2011

hi, im having some issues with the ffb. Im trying to use real feel with this mod but it feels a bit strange like theres no ffb in the middle of the s/wheels rotation and if you turn the s/wheel full lock while the car is moving the steering doesn't return after a certain point. I understand the whole ffb/real feel setup thing, so im left a bit puzzled as to why it feels weird. yep, im using effects: low and..-100 ffb in game, and i have tried reversing the 'max force at steering rack' either way in the real feel ini. but no luck. was this mod designed with real feel in mind? your help will be greatly appreciated
mem_dori on Apr-03-2010

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