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Ford Falcon XB GT 1973 The last of the V8 2

By: Jose Lopez
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 28-Mar-12
Current release: 2, on 23-Aug-12

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Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: Jose Lopez

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The last of the V8's

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Karting The Molar 1267m.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

Very funny kart track of 1267m and 24 karts grid. Evolution of Karting La Muela.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

How can I get in contact with Jose Lopez?
rogue667 on Jan-21-2016

tinted windscreens are my only problem, otherwise i love the mod
jabe75 on Mar-17-2015

my cars are all black how do i fix
eyrie on Feb-25-2014

Well , what i´m missing are the other MFP Vehicles , but maybe they´ll come.
Hope so
thx for the Mod
Dose on Nov-06-2012

I have a drama. Car is all black, no colours what do ever any solutions?
froudeybrand on Oct-27-2012

First of all thx so much for this awesome car which I have been waiting for so long. If u don't mind I would make these suggestions for improvements (I really dunno what actually can be done so sry if things are simply impossible): Maybe adding sirene sounds of the movie , maybe flashlight LED when in action mode. Maybe better setup options.Turboboost to go like crazy fast as in the movies. A more detailed and better looking interior. And most of all - arms and a driver figure (Max) that also can be seen in the replays. And for the trackbuilders out there - please make track(s) like in the movie for more real "Mad Max" feeling. A Mod with more cars and then chase them bad guys - that would be awesome too,right? All this is not meant as critics in any way - just my opinion and kind suggestions. Thx a lot and keep it up! U rock!
Steilkurvenpilot on Oct-25-2012

I have found the circuit:
jall on Aug-29-2012

Originally posted by: werst59

jall, great mod... lots of fun driving! QUESTION, what is the track in the video? Thanks, Richard

I started the clip & then clicked on the 'Watch on You Tube' icon & the name of the track came up in the tittle....
It's called Greenfield.
Ive never seen it before but it looks like a cool blast!
BLeeK on Aug-29-2012

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