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Ford Capri MK 3 V6 2800 i 2

By: Jack NL and HPI crc and nelson c
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 24-Feb-13
Current release: 2, on 24-Feb-13

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Screenie by: Jack NL
Screenie by: Jack NL

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Ford Capri MK III V6 2.8i mod for rFactor

converted by Jack_NL


Model: Ford Capri from GTA San Andreas by Suction Testicle Man
Physics: Capri 2600 HistoricX mod made by Niels Heusinkveld
Cockpit: From the Perana Capri by Bullit_68
Wheels: Minilite's and BBS, Toyota AE86 mod by Gonzo-kool
Wheels: Pepper pots and RS Wheels by Chong McBong

more info in the Read Me

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Latest Ford Capri MK 3 V6 2800 i Comments

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jujun22 on Apr-04-2017

Very realistic karting combination for Rfactor. This amazing karting track provide a really authentic feeling, combined with World Karting 2.1.
newstart027 on Oct-18-2016

Temlate: download the mod and it will be there
sorry for the late reply
Jack_NL on Oct-05-2013

Hey guys, where can i get a Skin Template for this car?
Pepino960 on Jul-02-2013

Hi guy's

Hope yall like the mod as it is

@Nitro: at the time I was already lucky to get the permission from Niels to use his physics
just didst think to give the race versions a different setting then street version.

@Roland: Thanks for your General Lee skin!
Jack_NL on Jun-22-2013

When I was a child the Opel GT and the Ford Capri were my favorite cars. I never had neither one of them. I already had a Opel GT for rFactor and now, finally, a street version of a Ford Capri. The model of this rFactor version looks good to me, but I'm not a big fan of the skins. The physics feel realistic, but why do the 24h version, the race version and the street version all have the same physics?
NitroMcClean on Feb-25-2013

thanks for sharing this!
dh_vetmed on Feb-25-2013

Sorry about that, download link fixed.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Feb-24-2013

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