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Fiat 128 0.40

By: gerix
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: gerix
Screenie by: gerix
Screenie by: gerix
Screenie by: gerix

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Fiat 128 mod for rFactor.

--------------- About the car ------------------

Fiat 128 was a popular front wheel drive Italian car from the '70s. In 1970 it was "the big selling car in Europe" and gained the title "Car of the year".
In the '70s teams like Scuderia Filipinetti or Olio Fiat raced with this car over Europe in touringcar or rally championships.
Nowadays in Argentina and Italy they still organize championships for Fiat 128 (Monomarca 1100).

--------------- About the mod ------------------

The alpha version was closed.

Goals of beta:
- Berlina (2d,4d) and Rally version of car
- stock car and touring/hillclimb race car
- some changeable accessories like: bumpers, rims, rally lights, front masks, wide body kits, exhausts, etc...
- realistic sounds and physics

////// alpha [2008] //////

- 2d and 4d chassis (some defects)
- stock chrome bumper
- low poly interior
- sounds used from other mod (only for testing)
- modified physics from other mod (not really good :P)

////// v.0.1 [9.6.2009] //////

- 2d chassis without interior and details
- simple wide bodykit
- 3 types of rims (abarth, rally, touring)


I'm a beginner modder so I'm looking for modders who has experience and can help me with physics and sounds.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome! :)

Plz write comments in English! Comments in other languages will be ignored!

PMs can be in Hungarian, Slovak and Czech too :P

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yo estoy siguiendo ese fiat 128 ya que este no paso nada pareze
xr05 on Dec-17-2011

Por favor donde puedo encontrar un mod de 128 estoy cansado de buscar.....
leitoxz53 on Dec-06-2011

How can I have this mod? Please.
pirruccio94 on Jul-27-2011

Come posso avere questa mod??
pirruccio94 on May-15-2011

No more news, videos, links, etc. for this mod?
Can you tell us in wich % is it ?
DARDY on Oct-02-2010

you are finished mod
If so can link to dawnload

fiat750tcr on Sep-01-2010

esta re bueno el mod pro q lastima q no esta pra bajarlo
Emilix_sk on Aug-26-2010

Hola amigo, te quiero felicitar por tu trabajo, toda la comunidad está esperando este coche. quisiera saber para cuando mas o menos lo vas a terminar. desde ya mis felicitaciones y espero que lo tengamos pronto entre nosotros
pixel22 on Feb-02-2010

hola, como hago para bajarlo?
sebarioceballos on Dec-05-2009

Will be very good the mod, I hope you finish soon, I can not wait to play it,
Gamba28 on Nov-07-2009

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