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F2 Stockcars 4.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 14-Feb-12
Current release: 4.100, on 22-Apr-14

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Screenie by: dave488
Screenie by: dave488
Screenie by: Grasser233
Screenie by: Grasser233
Screenie by: Grasser233
Screenie by: Grasser233
Screenie by: dave488
Screenie by: dave488
Screenie by: dave488
Screenie by: dave488

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F2 Stockcars v4.1 by UKSOM

The F2 Stockcar mod is based on the full contact limited spec stock car formula based in the UK and Mainland Europe. The cars are powered by Ford 2.0L Pinto and Duratec engines. The mod is the latest UKSOM release and currently features seven real life chassis and takes advantage of the upgrade system within rFactor to be able to customise the chassis in different combinations.

The mod has realistic physics for both tarmac and shale, and realistic garage options and adjustability for each car.

There is also a limited roster of real life drivers, and also has 1 championship available for each surface.

Thanks to everyone who helped in the creation of this mod.

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The content of your post is awesome. Great work
RichardBerghof on Nov-20-2018

You did an amazing work, thank you, i'll try this mod .SM
Rebsamen on Nov-19-2018

Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.
anasmalik on Oct-23-2018

I don't really know, maybe the links are deprecated.

nourriture bio
Avery9 on Mar-23-2018

I can't access the screenshots any clue ?
Devis site web
rosie87 on Feb-25-2018

what security system in F2 Stock Cars?
MillerEth on Feb-09-2018

Perth Street Circuit is 0.30 no 0.70 Reason?
newstart027 on Oct-13-2016

can someone make a f2 skin template?
peterstrong on Jul-05-2016

hi can anyone help me with downloading this mod onto rfactor as im new at this
piercebromfield on Jan-24-2014

can someone make a f2 skin template .psd ? <3
iiTerrr on Feb-17-2013

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