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F1 TOTAL Circuit The Challenge 1

By: Jion Boina and MaxRufus
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 22-Dec-08
Current release: 1, on 24-Nov-11

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Screenie by: Jion Boina
Screenie by: Jion Boina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina
Screenie by: jionboina

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Circuit of 18 km in length, which brings together the best stretches of the best circuits in the world.

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the track not exe in 7zip instead http://trippteamdownload.serve...%20Challenge%201.00.7z
Slobbeman on Aug-05-2015

Nevermind, I solved it by running it in Compatibility mode as Windows Vista SP2.
needforspeedgamer on Aug-04-2015

I just get this error:

"You do not have enough free space to install this program. Please free some space and try again." -translated from Spanish

I've made sure that I deleted files to make my drive have enough space, but...IT STILL SAYS THAT MESSAGE.
needforspeedgamer on Aug-04-2015

Please do a 2014 update or another version!!!
DoktorRotax on Sep-07-2014

It looks like an angel!
VladimirRB7 on Nov-20-2013

Very nice circuit
Boki40 on Feb-26-2013

Just wanted to say this track is great. It's maybe not perfect, but the combination of corners and tracks chosen feels "personal" to the guys that made the track (if that makes any sense). i.e. it is THEIR favorite parts not YOUR favorite parts. The scenery in TV view does look odd, but that's inevitable when so many different locations are meshed together. For me, the FPS seems fine too, apart from a small bit where it did slow down a little due to a lot of trees trackside, but nothing significant.

I'm only an amateur at rF, but gave it a spin with the CartFactor mod and the results are being uploaded and will be here in a couple of hours if anyone wants to see them:

You will see a full race vid on my channel too if interested.
cutback73 on Feb-04-2013

Will you plain to release to F1C too? Can I ask for permission to convert to F1C? Thanks in advance.
JALNERVION on Apr-16-2012

Sorry, I can't see the track, is the route right?
C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations\F1 Total Circuit
All files (lots of *.MAS and etc) are in this folder above as they were in the original rar.
Any idea? Thanks.
raei22 on Jan-20-2012

This track is almost perfect, but I think it could be improved by adding from Copse, through Maggots, Beckets and Chapel down to Stowe from Silverstone, the carousel from the Nordschleife, and from the Nord Kurve down to the Clark chicane from pre-2002 Hockenheim. Great work though, I thoroughly enjoyed the track.
Blainy on Jan-03-2012

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