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F1 RMT 2005 Season 1

By: RMT Team and Kimo Kama
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 16-Jan-14
Current release: 1, on 16-Jan-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: RMT Team
Screenie by: RMT Team

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Get to relive the the exciting Formula One 2005 Championships Season with Fernando Alonso in his glory days, the year in which was riddled with ups and downs throughout the whole grid, and in which helped Fernando Alonso grasp his first ever Formula One Championship under the hands of Flavio Briatore. Whether you're the fan of the Renault R25, Mclaren MP4-20, or even the Minardi PS05, this mod is sure to give you the great experience you're looking for. With low system requirements in mind, the whole mod adds up to less than 115MB to get the ultimate FPS performance, all while giving high quality textures.

Converted from and based on Ralph Hummerich's F1 Challenge 2005 Season mod.

***** Known Issues:

- On occasion, depending on the setup, the car may tend to become extra bouncy at high-end speeds which might effect car performance.

- The safety car(which appears to be a Ferrari F2005 in this mod) can sometimes create a large gap between drivers during the safety car laps. However it shouldn't effect the outcome too much.

**** Miscellaneous Issues:

- The steering wheels may look like they're not attached to anything, however that's just a cosmetic issue.

- Some skins(ex. Mclaren Mercedes), certain car upgrades(such as the new Jordan EJ15B car and late-season steering wheel, or Renault body aero wings, or Juan Pablo Montoya's car without car cockpit camera), and 3D arms are not availible on this mod, as the cars parts and mod still need a great amount of work. In other words, it's still very incomplete.

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El Pinar was inaugurated on October 14, 1956. Historically, the circuit has hosted 6 hours of El Pinar, the third most important endurance race in South America. ip
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

who has F1 RMT 2005 lets play online my rfactor name is agungsuyetno
agungsuyetno5 on Aug-29-2014

Mp is Multiplayer and SP is single player (SP looks better in my opinion)
PaulDiresta on Apr-14-2014

To everybody looking in the comments, for more news, and progress on V2.0, please visit My page:

Thank you for reading this message.
TamTamNanton on Mar-06-2014

The goal is to make the mod better and at the same time improve some aspects. I'm working on everything that I can possibly work on to increase the level of gameplay non-stop everyday to meet all of the requirements that I've laid out for myself and my goals.
TamTamNanton on Feb-19-2014

is there a league for these ?
tom99 on Feb-18-2014

is there a league for these ?
tom99 on Feb-18-2014

What is the difference between the mp and sp editions?
TylerTheTall on Feb-15-2014

Non tobacco skins please!
F1Radek on Feb-13-2014

Better than the previous one, or just with improvements?
needforspeedgamer on Feb-02-2014

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