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F1 Historic Williams FW26 1

By: WCP series
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 21-Nov-13
Current release: 1, on 21-Nov-13

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Screenie by: WCP series
Screenie by: WCP series
Screenie by: TomSpeed
Screenie by: TomSpeed

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The Williams FW26 is a Formula One racing car designed and built by Williams F1 for the 2004 Formula One season. The design team was led by Patrick Head, Gavin Fisher and Antonia Terzi. It was driven by Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya and proved to be one of the most attention grabbing cars of the season. The FW26 was powered by a BMW 3.0 V10 engine, one of the most powerful in F1 at the time.


3D Artist: Daniel 'Dahie' Senff & CTDP
2D Artist: Etexito

Physics: Alain Fry
Helmets: Filou
Driver Suits: Nikita
Cams: Oliver
Sounds: Felipe

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When I click the link it doesn't work
Norwicks on Sep-19-2017

It was compiled for .NET 4.5 full profile, my bad. Uploaded a new version that's compiled for .NET 4.0 client profile.
All should be good now.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

this is 2007 williams. just as it has a walrus nose.
rifatdalci on Nov-11-2014

hi, creators wcp series, I really admire your work and your car in my opinion are very well done ..... congratulations ..!

only one thing I do not understand:

because, for example, created the Lotus 107B which has a lot of history will not, in fact has nothing in comparison to the ferrari 312t2 that is stopped for a long time ........ why do not you finish the first f1 truly historical, as the Williams FW07 and ferrari 312 t2 ...? thank you very much ..... and after instead of creating the Williams FW26 why not create and release such as the Lotus 97T Senna ....? users think players will be very happy about this! ... thanks and congratulations your car ......
flabi78 on Mar-31-2014

This may be a silly question...but I've extracted the downloaded file and copied the "GameData" folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor" and over writing. But when I launch rFactor I do not see the Williams FW 26 in my vehicles. Any idea what I've done wrong?
MDx on Mar-17-2014

Doesn't work for me ... Just like with F1 Total mod, the game crashed just after loading the track
guiguidu11380 on Jan-01-2014

Deleted... Had not realized that TamTamNonton post was in June/2013.
werst59 on Nov-26-2013

Originally posted by: TamTamNanton

Hello there,

I would like to add my input on this subject, please.

For the year 2004, I would like to see these cars added to the mod:

Ferrari F2004

Williams FW26

Renault R24

Mclaren MP4-19

BAR Honda 006

****Soundpacks for the cars:

-Mclaren MP4-19 > (By Felinhogiro)

-Williams FW26 > (By Felipinhogiro)

-BAR Honda 006 > (By Felipinhogiro)

-Renault R24 > (By Felipinhogiro)

-Ferrari F2004 > (By Filipinogiro)

****External Sounds

> ">

Also, would WCP be interested in making an F1 2004/ 2005 season mod?

Thank you,


You missed the Blue F2003-GA (Sauber C23), for me one of the most beautiful cars of that season
ajrf on Nov-25-2013

Sorry for my English but I'm Argentine and I'm using the google translator.
agustinmerklin on Nov-23-2013

Hi I need help, do not know what problem I have the car no more than 305kmh, when would have to walk in the 355kmh in Monza, and try changing the gearbox several times but does not change anything, if someone helps me I would appreciate, the mod is very good, thanks.
agustinmerklin on Nov-23-2013

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