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F1 Historic Benetton B196 1.10

By: WCP series and Oggo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 02-Aug-13
Current release: 1.100, on 24-Nov-13

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Screenie by: WCP series
Screenie by: WCP series

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The Benetton B196 was the car with which the Benetton team competed in the 1996 Formula One season. It was driven by the experienced pairing of Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger, who both moved from Ferrari to replace departing 1994 and 1995 champion Michael Schumacher and his number two, Johnny Herbert.

3D Artist: Oggo
2D Artist: Oggo

Physics: Alain Fry
Helmets: Filou
Driver Suits: Nikita
Sounds: Felipe

------------UPDATE 1.1------------
- Brand new physics
- Updated skins quality
- Updated tires textures
- Added reflect in showroom


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I'm not officially a member of the FVRV8 Crew, despite I always made some skin packs for them in the past, like a Fujitsu Skin Pack in 2010. It's been my hobby since 2008 and I like it very much.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Links are dead. Anyone can post the basemod link ?
patrick2610 on Jun-20-2016

hi, creators wcp series, I really admire your work and your car in my opinion are very well done ..... congratulations ..!

only one thing I do not understand:

because, for example, created the Lotus 107B which has a lot of history will not, in fact has nothing in comparison to the ferrari 312t2 that is stopped for a long time ........ why do not you finish the first f1 truly historical, as the Williams FW07 and ferrari 312 t2 ...? thank you very much ..... and after instead of creating the Williams FW26 why not create and release such as the Lotus 97T Senna ....? users think players will be very happy about this! ... thanks and congratulations your car ......
flabi78 on Mar-31-2014

i'm trying to download the base model and the car but the download link is not working. i'm also trying to down load the ferrari the mclaren and the ligier but there not working either. the only car model that does work is the lotus but i cant get the base model to get it to work in the game. this is shame because i really wanted to try these models out because they look amazing.
philper22 on Jan-31-2014

it's OK,it's my false,i must download the basemode v1.0 first,now it work fine,thank you again.
dvittael on Dec-14-2013

me to car isnt showing in my cars list,so what's the problem please?and thank you for mod,i see i have download 1.1 version,so any solution?please,
dvittael on Dec-14-2013

Here is link: then click on: "Download latest version from here"); it worked for me.
dumberdog on Nov-26-2013

MEGA isnt for everyone, i'm not a fan of it, much rather the traditional methods and places of downloading.......not a fan of clicking on 5 or 6 links to get to the mod link either.
angus94 on Nov-24-2013

Why "no" ??
Some mods i´m interested are downloadable just on him, but some people are criticizing the site. Is that something wrong with mega ??
gusbord on Sep-21-2013

Hey !! Hello..

I´m curious. Why "no" ??

Some mods i´m interested are downloadable just on him, but some people are criticizing the site.

I want to download it, but with this negative responses about the mirror site, I´m not secure of
gusbord on Sep-20-2013

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