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F1 GP 1980 1.10

By: Julianus
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 05-Jul-13
Current release: 1.100, on 19-Sep-13

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Screenie by: Julianus
Screenie by: Julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus
Screenie by: julianus

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F1 Grand Prix 1980 v1.1 by julianus

This is addon to the amasing GP79 mod.
All rights belongs to GPC.
Released under permission of GPC (Motorfx)

This is not historic F1 1980 mod, its made just to recreate 1980 teams & drivers line-up using quite a similar 1979 cars.



Eddie Cheever (Osella)
Stefan Johansson (Shadow)
Tiff Needell (Ensign)
--- Brabham sounds fixed
--- Updated cockpits & st. wheels


What changed in GP79 to make the 1980 carset

--- Teams & drivers of 1980

--- Car skins for 1980

--- Driver's helmets for 1980

--- Car upgrades for 1980 (front wing exists or not)

Cars are
1979 1980
Ferrari 312 T4 ----- Ferrari 312 T5
Tyrrell 009 ----- Tyrrell 010
Brabham BT 49
McLaren M29
ATS D2 ----- ATS D4
Lotus 79 ----- Lotus 81
Ensign N179 ----- Ensign N180
Renault RS12 ----- Renault RE20
Shadow DN9 ----- Shadow DN11, DN12
Wolf WR9 ----- Fittipaldi F7
Alfa Romeo 179
Ligier JS11 ----- Ligier JS11/15
Williams FW07----- Williams FW07B
Arrows A2 ----- Arrows A3
Osella FA1 ----- Alfa Romeo 179

Skins of 1980 made by

Ferrari, Tyrrell, ATS, Shadow, Fittipaldi, Williams, Arrows by julianus

Brabham by NikKAiser

McLaren, Alfa Romeo, RAM Williams by Gufo_Tave

Lotus 79 skin originally by Gufo_Tave, updated by julianus

Teams & drivers

Ferrari ---- Scheckter, Villeneve
Tyrrell ---- Jarier, Daly, Thackwell
Brabham----Piquet, Zunino / Rebaque
McLaren----Watson, Prost
ATS ---- Surer, Lammers
Lotus----Andretti, De Angelis, Mansell
Ensign----Regazzoni / Lammers, Lees
Renault---- Jabouille, Arnoux
Shadow ---- Lees, Kennedy
Fittipaldi---- Fittipaldi, Rosberg
Alfa Romeo ---- Giacomelli, Depailler / Brambilla / De Cesaris
Ligier ---- Laffite, Pironi
Williams ---- Jones, Reutemann
Arrows ---- Patrese, Mass / Winkelhock
RAM Williams ---- Keegan, Lees

Mod includes 4 drivers sets for start, mid, late & end of the season.
To have all possible cars on track number of opponents are
1980-START -------- 26

///////////// INSTALLATION ///////////////

Extract the archive content in your rFactor folder.

F1 GP 1980 v1.1 is full mod, you don't need version 1.0 to be installed previosly.

To install this addon you need to have GPC 1979 v2.01 mod already installed !!!!!

Make sure you have the 2.01 version, you'll get no sound if you only have the 2.0 version.

To play F1 1980 championship next tracks are required

--- GPC 79 trackpack
--- Elio de Angelis 1975 (Paul Ricard)
---Early Brands (Brands Hatch)
---C4 Imola 1988

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The goal of the GP3 Series is to give young upcoming drivers a chance to develop their driving skills and jump to the next step: GP2 and then Formula 1.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Pista rĂ¡pida, utilizada nas principais categorias de automobilismo nacional e internacional.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Very good job indeed. The Alfa is very well done but the Brabham has wrong gear ratios for the DFY and the Ligier keeps the rear top cover of the engine exausts from the previous year car. Anyway amazing job and a delight to drive!
parik on Apr-22-2016

Thanks for 1.10 updated version! Good work. Now the cockpits are OK. Car shapes are from 79, but it's good, really good enough to drive.
Stawkarola on Sep-26-2013

Cockpit colours and Brabham sounds will be fixed soon in 1.1 version of the mod
julianus on Aug-05-2013

OK - full settings fixed problem with AI vehicles skins. But still some vehicles have different skin colours in COCKPIT and TVCOCKPIT cams. Lotus in TVCOCKPIT have colour from 1980, but in COCKPIT is still green (like in 1979). Same with Brabham - white-blue from 1980 in TVCOCKPIT, but red from 1979 in COCKPIT view...
Stawkarola on Jul-19-2013

it works perfectly now..thank you for this fantastic mod!!!
stefanigno on Jul-19-2013

I just downloaded this mod. First race I trying with Mansells Lotus. In showroom skin was dark-blue, like in 1980, but in race (cockpit view) skin was still green, like in 1979. Also some AI vehicles has mesh skins... The idea is good, but this mod still need some work, I think...
Stawkarola on Jul-18-2013

pasionariotc on Jul-11-2013

I figured out how to fix the skins. Under display settings make sure you have Opponent Detail set to "FULL". It worked perfectly for me..
rmbchassis on Jul-11-2013

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