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F1 2012 1.00

By: F1 2012 F1LIGUE and F12012LIGUE
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 11-Apr-12
Current release: 1.000, on 11-Apr-12

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Screenie by: SchumiBCN
Screenie by: SchumiBCN
Screenie by: SchumiBCN
Screenie by: SchumiBCN
Screenie by: SchumiBCN
Screenie by: SchumiBCN
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996
Screenie by: TheKrzychoo1996

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The 3D : PCModel - Pierre Cuisinier
The 3D & 2D (Mapping / Textures) : NSChumacher - Nicolas Navarro
The sounds : Iketani
The Helmets : TomGP & NSChumacher
The physics : Based from CTDP (Autorised 2011) Modifications : Kingz / Tiger / NSChumacher
avec toutes mes excuses : Texture Casque S.Vettel - LPD : Lucian Paine Design - 2005 - 2012 Copyright
Templates : Help US for Updating the Textures of cars : Join your job in : (Credits ADD for the members in MOD)

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Links 1 & 2 are for the VFR mod is this correct ? Are you one & the same or are you as I expect both different ? I know you both run from France & are probably friends but I already have the VFR 2012 mod & I'm wanting this F1 Ligue 2012 mod as I had it before on my old computer before I lost my HDD. I've actually found the decent version I had before here: so it doesn't really matter now what links are for what.
MrGeesus on May-22-2013

How can I uninstall this mod?

mike96 on Apr-07-2013

Per Nicola Acciarri: innanzitutto vivissimi complimenti per quello che fai per chi non ha tempo come me per fare campionati on line! i tuoi mod in single player sono a diri poco sbalorditivi ed il comportamento dell'ai sempre credibile. Ho però un fastidiosissimo bug con il tuo single player kit sul mod F1 2012 Sandrox ultima versione (la 6 credo): concluse le qualifiche l'ordine di partenza della gara è completamente stravolto, se faccio il 5 tempo poi parto 12 e magari chi non ha fatto neanche un giro parte in pole. Hai qualche fix ha riguardo? Ciao e tante grazie ancora.
thedobermann78 on Mar-03-2013

A solid mod,
good job thanks
coldlm on Dec-17-2012

Well...AI drivers, in my kits ( for JMP and rFa1 2012 ) should pit on the basis of tire wear...This is a difficult point to set, but for what I tested commonly AI drivers are pitting at least 2 times ( depending on track ).
The real problem, actually, is the lack of a realistic setup-track set, that with Tire-Weather Plugin is not available...I mean: when You plan a specific setup for a track, You can save it for Human player, but You can also use it for AI drivers, putting the name of svm file ( setup ) in the gdb track file, where is written AICopySettings. In this way, for example, in Interlagos or Austin the tire set should be Medium-Hard. But now, for some aspects, RFE Plugins have limited this option, becouse AI drivers are always starting with Supersoft....and this is a limit in realism, although RFE Plugins implemented many other aspects in realism.
Therefore, the fact that AI may pit or not is depending from tire wear, and the type of tires....Surely, they should not pit for low fuel, since refuelling is forbidden, and HDV ( physics ) files commonly are now set in all Mods in this way.
acciarri on Dec-03-2012


First tanks for the single player kit. Actually I play the rf1 2012 mod by SandroX. As I remember in rfactor the ai is only pitting during a race when they are low on fuel. Is this the case in this mod? I mean with your single player kit does the ai pits? Or the tires can make a whole race ? (like the hard tires on f1SR 1991 HE (great one))

Tanks for the help (I ask this because in the mod f1 1998 of gpteam I was forced to modify fuel consuption to make the ai pit, and to not see them spinning like "holiday on ice", the problem is that in 2012 refueling still banned in F1.....)
3377 on Dec-01-2012

F1 2012 Ligue stopped to work on rFactor f1 Mod.
Therefore, here I propose 2 other f1 2012 Mods tha may have Your attentions:

rF1 2012 by SandroX
The page is linked here:
and a Single Player Kit for it by me

Another F1 2012 Mod is by JMP!download|4|2699841111|jmp%2012%208.5.rar|161837
and the Single Player Kit by me
acciarri on Nov-29-2012

F12012LIGUE Single Player Kit v15
acciarri on Nov-07-2012

Unfortunatelly, I saw that Guys from F12012Ligue stopped any development of their F1 2012 Mod. I will put as soon as possible the link for the last Update of Single Player Kit, anyway.
In the meantime, as alternative, I suggest these 2 f1 2012 Mods:

JMP F1 2012 vers. 8.5!download|4|2699841111|jmp%2012%208.5.rar|161837
and my SP Kit

SandroX rF1 2012 ( ready for RFE weather plugin and working with tire changing option )

and my SP Kit
acciarri on Nov-06-2012

The llinks for vers. 0.81 of JMP 2012 Mod
and the SP kit for it
acciarri on Oct-30-2012

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