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F1 2010 ASL 0.10

By: ASL Games
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: aslracing
Screenie by: aslracing
Screenie by: aslracing
Screenie by: aslracing

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modding stopped

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This mod is the Codemasters F1 convert, all textures the same, the tyres, the T-Cam everything. Why show for us these pictures?? It's joke. I made for myself the codi F1 2010, and looks the same as yours. But the different, i don't put in the rFactorcentral, because i just convert myself, not for public like yours!
Tommy78 on Feb-09-2011

we have sotp it... we modding a new...: F1 ASL 2010 FINAL
aslracing on Feb-04-2011

stop working on this mod coz we have 2 great f1 2010 mods coming out which are LMT F1 2010 and FSONE 2010
if you want to make a mod start on a early 2011 mod for now until they reveal there 2011 cars @ valencia in feb and late jan ?!
nh racing on Jan-05-2011

is there a video of this mod ?
nh racing on Dec-17-2010

sorry i have f***ing interneta friend will upload it... but in a moth comes out a total patch.. with new 3d files... at the moment i use f1 mg files!!
aslracing on Oct-13-2010

is this mod actually going to be released
nh racing on Oct-04-2010

I will upload it in 3 days
aslracing on Sep-28-2010

When is going to be released
moreldav on Sep-27-2010

i know the tyreskin is from f1mg 2010 they have it from fsone... i create my own tyres!! the tyres WIP!!
aslracing on Sep-26-2010

It is Fsone tyres
f1burning on Sep-26-2010

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