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F1 1995 rFactor Legend 1.00

By: Patrick34 and quickslick
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Patrick34
Screenie by: Patrick34

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The F1 1995 OR beta mod is finally released.

GP4 Mod - Fongu, Tony, Nick Ovey, Celio, Kerley, Bernd, Neoliot, Öggo
Conversion - Patrick34
Helps for conversion - Mr.Ferrari,F1Clasick members,Nobleninja98
Physics - Valture,Bastoner97
Sounds - Felipe Giro,F1 SR
Sterring Wheels - CTDP from F1 Challenge
Driver Suits - F1 SR
Movie - Ayrton01CZ
Support - F1Clasick,Formula 1 Onboard Racing Collection,Only-Racing

Thanks to all these guys to make the mod possible.

If you rFactor is crashing in menu,please delete F1_1995ORBETA.bik in rFm folder.

!!!!!!!!RFE Weather plugin needed!!!!!

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It crashes for me, when i try to load a map. Need help guys :-)
Knuspyxx on Jan-27-2015

The problem isn't with tires themselves, but with tires texture.
Mondodimotori on Dec-09-2014

If you have a problem with the tire, you just need to download RFE
maxi120 on Dec-03-2014

Nope. I hoped that with the 1.0 version the problem would disappear, but is still there. Patrick84, we need a solution! The mod lose a lot of appeal with this little bug...
Mondodimotori on Nov-22-2014

i have the same problem with the tyre texture do you have solved the problem ?
bomber26 on Nov-12-2014

Very good mod, but i'm having a problem with tires' texture. There are both slick and wet texture at the same time, they alternate each other while I'm driving (only texture). How i can solve this problem?
Mondodimotori on Oct-17-2014

This mod is very good
spcor7 on Jul-16-2014

Have decided, deleted the file F1_1995ORBETA.bik the rfm folder
spcor7 on Jul-16-2014

Hello, I downloaded the mod, and when I started rfactor shows a warning saying that the rfactor had to be closed
spcor7 on Jul-16-2014

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