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F1 1991 LE 2.10

By: Slimjim and F1SR
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 13-Jan-09
Current release: 2.100, on 30-Dec-10

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Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: M-Tec
Screenie by: M-Tec
Screenie by: jerry13344
Screenie by: jerry13344

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Here is the update v2.0 of the F1 1991 LE

Would like to thank F1SR Mod Team for the work they done..

Channel log...
update tire textures... F1SR
new removable nose cone during crashes with brake master cylinders added.
updated cockpits.. F1SR
New sounds.. Wolferi
new physics, tire file
added Wet tires.
added different types of gear boxes Manual, semi auto, and full auto.... F1SR
tweaked Damage file.
new loading background screen.. ChiefWiggum
new UIData..
better AI response on tracks.
new Cam files for all cars.

install notes...
Please delete all older files of the 91 LE mod..
as this is a complete new version.. this is compatible with the HE version.

Channel Log for V2.1
Gated shifting update..
upgrades sorted for AI to use auto shift for default.
aero adjustments to wing settings
brake setting tweaks..
Minor tire tweaks, a bit more front tire heat, and a bit more rear grip

to install just drop the GameData folder in your rFactor folder and click yes to overwrite all..


This is the League Edition for this mod.. F1SR asked me to make this for their League series... they have full permission for the use of the cars.. and are working on the FULL Historical season for 1991... these all have the same physics..a lot of updating has been done to the cars.

Credits for the original GP4 Mod go to: Erik van Leeuwen, Ross Sherlock, Andrew Scott, Nick Ovey, Harro Haldering, Lloyd Davies, Jaap Wagenvoort. We would also like to thank “Cherry” for his incredible work and permission to use some of his vehicles.
and Thank IDT for the Helmets and Suits


Thank you.

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We are using the F1-SR 1994 mod with the SRM 2.0 track pack for our 2015 MF1 Championship. Come join us!
xerocoul on Jan-03-2015

lets drive online, icq/qip259689233
Jaromir83 on Jul-28-2014 is going to run this mod in our MF1 series and we are in preseason testing now in preparation for a historic season to start in January. Feel free to visit our webpage and sign up so and you can download the mod via simsync.

2014 Schedule:

1/12/2014 1:00 PM EST Watkins Glen International US Grand Prix at Watkins Glen
1/19/2014 1:00 PM EST Autódromo José Carlos Pace Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos
1/26/2014 1:00 PM EST Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari San Marino Grand Prix at Imola
2/02/2014 -------------- Circuito de Jerez Week Off - SUPER BOWL
2/09/2014 1:00 PM EST Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Mexican Grand Prix at Hermanos Rodriguez
2/16/2014 1:00 PM EST Hockenheimring German Grand Prix at Hockenheim
2/23/2014 1:00 PM EST Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps
3/02/2014 1:00 PM EST Autodromo Nazionale Monza Italian Grand Prix at Monza
3/09/2014 1:00 PM EST Adelaide Street Circuit Australian Grand Prix at Adelaide
3/16/2014 1:00 PM EST Donington Park Circuit European Grand Prix at Donington
3/23/2014 1:00 PM EST Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya
3/30/2014 1:00 PM EST Suzuka International Racing Course Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka
xerocoul on Nov-15-2013

fantastic mod. Thanks to the team! Classic stuff!
nasospakos on Dec-11-2012

hi !! yeah excellent mod amazing noise...

I want to know, if its possible to make the wheel in the car turn more then 220º rotation, because I use Logitech driving force gt and I would like to make it more real and use 365º rotation.... just look at onboard laps in monaco for exemple... Would be great if this MOD could turn the wheel in the COCKPIT to 365º degrees ROTATION... !!! thanks for reading !
rafadollar on Nov-21-2012

Does anyone know how to get rid of the drivers arms? they seem locked in place (in menus and vehicle ini file) whilst they disappear wheni turn the wheel more than 60 deg.apart from that, it's great lol
andrewford117 on Aug-21-2012

Hey guys, I must ask you this: Does anyone have any alternative links to download this mod? We all know what happened to megaupload, and the mod files are hosted on Megaupload only, and I'm sooo into this one and want to play it, but I cant

Thanks in advance!
Bzuva on Jun-17-2012

Thanks a lot for this great mod.
Sounds are sooo good and physics seem to be pretty credibles to me.

BUT : PLEASE, how could i get some force feedback ??? (G 25)
Solmyr on May-15-2012

Errrrr........ I keep having this stupid error that doesn't make the car show up in the menu! It is so annoying. PLZ HELP
TheBenjamins on Apr-09-2012

I've been playing Rfactor for quite a few years now,usually just offline stuff,racing with AI and testing,this mod,by far,has given me the most fun since I began playing rfactor. I wouldn't be a sim freak nor would I know how to set up cars for peak performance,this mod,straight out the box, is awesome,pure fun.
Thanks, it gets my A100%.
dubtom on Mar-12-2012

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