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F1 1986 by SN 0.70

By: schumacher-180 and nelsonpiquetfan
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: schumacher180
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Screenie by: schumacher180
Screenie by: schumacher180
Screenie by: schumacher180
Screenie by: schumacher180

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Hello everyone,

We, nelsonpiquetfan and me are fanatical F1 fans and we both love the turbo-era of Formula One very much.

We decided we're going to create one of the most great F1 seasons in history for rFactor.

It will be a conversion of my F1 1986 mod for EA's F1 Challenge '99-'02, which was a GP4 conversion.


Carshapes and Textures are created by Leolo1974 and Thrasher originally for GP4, about 6 years ago.


All cars have been completed so far, which are:

McLaren MP4-2C (A. Prost and K. Rosberg)
Tyrrell 014 (M. Brundle and P. Streiff)
Williams FW11 (N. Mansell and N. Piquet)
Brabham BT55 (R. Patrese and E. de Angelis)
Lotus 98T (J. Dumfries and A. Senna)
Zakspeed 841 (J. Palmer)
Lola THL-1 (A. Jones and P. Tambay)
Arrows A8 (M. Surer and T. Boutsen)
Benetton B186 (T. Fabi and G. Berger)
Osella FA1G (P. Ghinzani and C. Danner)
Minardi M185B (A. de Cesaris and A. Nannini)
Ligier JS27 (R. Arnoux and J. Laffite)
Ferrari F1/86 (M. Alboreto and S. Johansson)
AGS JH21C (I. Capelli)

NOTES: The Zakspeed Racing car will be the car which was used during pre season tests, which means it's the 1985 Zakspeed car with a car number update and Jonathan Palmer as the only driver. The 861 chassis will be created soon with second driver Huub Rothengatter available as well.

The Lola THL-1 is actually a car which was used for the 1985 F1 season, but we will release an early season package as first, and Lola Haas completed the first 2 races of the 1986 F1 season with the old THL-1 chassis as well. The car is based on the Lola THL-2 and the Lotus 98T chassis.

We think chasey, someone who liked the F1 Challenge '99-'02 edition of this mod very much, will be very happy that we decided to put Elio de Angelis in the Brabham instead of Derek Warwick, which we had put in the F1 Challenge '99-'02 version.

What still needs to be finished:

- Zakspeed 861 car
- Working mirrors
- Completely new cockpits with working LEDs
- Non tobacco liveries
- Windshields for some cars
- Upgrades

We might release an early beta mod, so people are able to give us feedback or even to help us. We are not sure about this, so don't ask for an eventual release date!

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Seems to be marvellous.

Can you give us a beta version pelase ?
Could help waiting for complete mod.
sardokard on Jul-15-2013

besides I think that modders ared dispersing too much. We have fantastic 1985 mod by valiante and markus. Why nobody ever contacted those guys and used their 1985 mod as a base for 1986 or 1984

Instead we get substandard mods like labombrda -that is really awfull and it just looks like someone wanted to produce it in minimum amount of time, just to release it and be done with it. labombarda mod is utter waste of time
astonbiaggi on Mar-27-2013

I saw that some people are doing 1981,1986 and 1987 mods but those are all F1C and GP4 conversions
astonbiaggi on Mar-27-2013

No news, I think this mod is dead.
HashiMel on Mar-26-2013

whats going on with this? is this mod is dead? 86 is one of the best F1 seasons ever!
tomersg on Aug-18-2012

so the news after 4-5 months?
timothepillet on May-03-2012

Is there any forecast when this mod will be launched?
Since december I cannot see any feedback about it. Certainty the developers are doing a great job and I cannot wait to drive these turbo 1000hp cars.

Cheers, Cristiano.
ccorraini on Jan-28-2012

Hi! It's really great to see an 80's mod being made. About the possibility of a beta version to be released, its a great option, many people in the rfactor community could give some great feedback. By the way if you are interested, I can try to collect some photos from 1986 for you from all cars, please contact me by the email I would be happy to help you, I'm a huge fan of the 80's and if there is anything I can do to help count on me. I just don't have knowledge to paint or to create physics, but I think I can help you with photos and information from 1986 season.
Lucasjeha on Dec-08-2011

Yep, there are enough updates on this mod. There's still one car left! But keep in mind a lot of extra work has to be done on the cars (e.g. working mirrors, cockpit stuff etc.)

We're thinking about it to release an early beta of this mod, so people can give feedback or maybe help to make this an even better mod.
schumacher180 on Dec-04-2011

Any updates?
ARacing on Dec-04-2011

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