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F1 1986 0

By: SRM Team
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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This is next SRM Team project. It's a GP4 conversion: it will be improved with F1 Ch stuff too. Obviously it won't be just a mixture of different things, all the team will try to create the best mod possible with what we have.

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mod 1986 exist now :

there is also 1987 and a new 1985
EndorTeam on May-16-2020

you post is so interesting and I like it Run 3
arianapham on Nov-25-2018

king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018

chenjinbei on Aug-10-2018
WWWEWW on Jun-01-2018

OK, First of all I am not from any team, to who still interest to know the possibility how great this 1986 F1 season can be done... this is my 1st attempt on 86 F1 open wheels editing.... just for you fans out there and I needs help on transferred this model and testing in RF 1& 2 (I can handle sound and car physic... but not 3D modeling. Photo on FB

ps: needs Permission to use any texture and resources by Modding team, please replay me ASAP.. thank you for yours hard work.
OK, here we go..don't laughs at me, first 3d RF car editing
And if any member wants to load this and test drive it...please reply, needs some help on adding car to RF 1 and 2 , anyone? thanks

Testing purposes:
Test real car gear ratio (from real Benetton B186)

*Testing best setting on race trim 800hp(RF1/2)lap time compare real track records (Wikipedia)

*Test "possible" setting on qualified trim 1000hp(RF1/2) compare to reality !
limseong31 on Jun-10-2015
Quick note:
The reason to use "Formula Armaroli" by Reiza Studio as the "Benetton B186" demo was because ( for a mods"Dummy" like me is easy to Edit real life Car's specification and test Those setting in to the Driving simulation.

This video just to show how accurate an Ai driver compare to human (Lap-time qualifying is one of the way)
This car's physic come from the original mod except Engine.ini and Gearbox ratio is the fact spec sheet from the real car... and minimum setup to down-force and tire Slip curv tweaking (to make sure to get enough advantage and easy to control the magnificent turbo charging "BMW M12/13" power/ torque configuration ! only car Stablitilty, Traction control,ABS set to "low" with auto up-Shift. all driving aid are "off"
* Gear ratio: 6 speed
4.2:1 /optional (silver stone)

Currently drivable setup are >800hp/11,500Rpm(limit) with engine Boost map set to "3" (Temporary high boost enable) * for qualified laps and overtake

Ai car configuration with virable of engine /sound (780~820hp)

Ps: the whole thing started last year end get bored of "gran Turismo " then check (try again) out this classic rf Modding . Found out this sim had improve a lots, back up by institute year of auto mechanic and audio mixing knowledge , I able to re-config the realism of the sim as part of my hobby in to driving simulator. Hope you sim racer enjoy this add on like i do....(Welcome to setup and modification yours favorite open wheels model )

Resources : Reiza Armaroli simulator V6 Turbo (simulation optimistic)
. F1SR 1993 (mods detail /model veh info)
F1SR. 1885 (audio/ engine /gear ratio references)
Wikipedia / Google images/ YouTube (real car spec detail)
MAK Corp MMG F1 2007 (audio)
limseong31 on Jun-06-2015

whats going on with this? is this mod is dead? 86 is one of the best F1 seasons ever!
tomersg on Aug-18-2012

This mod died some time ago, over a year now.
rodrrico on Sep-11-2010

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