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F1 1978 Mod 1.10

By: Dave Sabre
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 22-Jul-13
Current release: 1.100, on 08-Jul-13

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Screenie by: Dave Sabre
Screenie by: Dave Sabre
Screenie by: cabesi21
Screenie by: cabesi21

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

F1 1978 Mod for Rfactor.

1. If you installed the 1978 F1 demo then remove the folders

2. Unpack to your rFactor folder

The links to the recommended tracks to run a 1978 season are shown below.
The tracks come from other mods.

Download and install the 1979 mod

Download this version of Anderstorp

Download this version of Paul Ricard 1975

Download this version of Jacarapaqua

Download this version of Brands Hatch


To get the best out of this mod you need to run the 1978 season.

Example of how to have a 1978 season race at Zolder (Belguim)
Select Zolder from the GP1979 tracks

In the vehicle filters only select ROUND-06-BEL

The opponents will be the entrants from the 1978 Belgium Grand Prix only.
Select the correct number of ai drivers,

ARG Argentina Set AI to 26
BRA Brazil set AI to 27
SAF South Africa set AI to 29
USAW USA West set AI to 28
MON Monaco set AI to 29
BEL Belgium set AI to 31
SPA Spain set AI to 28
SWE Sweden set AI to 26
FRA France set AI to 28
UK Great Britain set AI to 29
GER Germany set AI to 29
AUT Austria set AI to 30
HOL Holland set AI to 31
ITA Italy set AI to 30
USAE USA East set AI to 25
CAN Canada set AI to 27
IT78 International Trophy set AI to 17


Dave Sabre, 3d Models, Textures, Physics, etc.

Gabriel MorĂ¡n (Mansell5), Skins, Textures, Testing.

Luigi 70, 3d Brabham BT46B & ATS HS1& Arrows A1, Textures.

Chris Delta, Testing.

Wacha, Testing.

John F, Testing.

Norm Borczon Testing, etc.

John F, Testing.

Norm Borczon Testing, etc.

Paul Nadeau sound update.

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The Greatest F1 mod of 70s
chernikoff1 on Nov-08-2014

Great MOD with 1 flaw, vehichles need to make separate entries in RealFeel because of different phisycs. For instance Ferraris and Renaults are pulling the FFB in the oposite direction.
Otherwise Fantastic.
ATSAres on Dec-28-2013

lol this is good! sounds are incredible!! fantastic mod.
santo20 on Dec-13-2013

thanks guys, fantastic mod!

realistic tyres model n texture,

nice handling! i love no traction control
p11n on Nov-01-2013

Thanks Dave and team, my very favorite F1 year!
Highbank on Aug-08-2013

Maybe you didn't follow the easy procedure to install RFE or you are not using a regular legacy version of rFactor. There are few executable files of rFactor that comes with some equipment (like steering wheel) that are not valid because of use different address memory. On the contrary, the most used 1255F of rFactor Lite by ISI is working perfectly. We have more than 20,000 users that are enjoying RFE and we have only 2 people worldwide that cannot use it due to a hardware incompatibility: a good %! All other people that had problems, solved them installing a fresh instance of rFactor lite with the regular legacy license and one of the several certified mods and tracks, or, in very few cases, reformatting the PC, due to severe problems they had.
We are ready to help you in discovering where the problem is, but of course, you have to spend few time in following our advice. Please, post into RFE forum for specific problems: http;//
Thank you
SlowMotion on Jul-25-2013

Problem with the RFE mod is that it doesn't work for so many people. I have Win7 64 bit and I've never ever been able to make RFE work ever.
F1Racer on Jul-24-2013

Hello! Are you aware of the RFE Plugin Series that enhances rFactor adding the variable weather conditions and much more? I'm pleased to invite you to read more about it, to update the mod to be used also with the RFE plugin: I was almost sure to see all new mods ready for rFactor RFE! Thank you!
SlowMotion on Jul-24-2013

2 words that will make you get this mod instantly: FAN CAR.
someracerguy on Jul-23-2013

fantastic job guys!
victorry on Jul-22-2013

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