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El viejo Anillo Norte 1

By: Rocana Nuskooler
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Dec-11
Current release: 1, on 15-Dec-11

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Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler
Screenie by: nuskooler

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Viejo Anillo Norte; The track have two layouts, Short (6.7Km) y Cup (8.8Km).
This track is designed for old race cars, street cars, and everything, but preferably non high grip mods. This means it could be more funny if you at least play the circuit with powerfull cars but with low grip. The question is i consider that the high grip cars, specially low powered, could do the circuit less funny. This is cause with a modern F1, for example, you stay more than a minute with full throttle, but it's certainly very intense minute i think. But for example F1 71' mod is really good here, or Historic GT & Touring too. The question is that a good-working mod here, should make you brake on some zones on the high speed mountain zone.
I hope you enjoy as i do with the fast mountain section.

The Short ride (6.783Km) have the old circuit pitlane instalations and support 22 cars.
The Cup version (8,805Km) take the lap arround all the circuit, and it's allowed on the modern installations, supporting 48 cars.

Please vote¡¡¡ and comment ¡¡¡¡ and tell me if you have any problem ¡¡¡¡ thanks ¡¡¡¡ RocanaNuskooler :)

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My Hall of Fame lets you nominate up to 15 tracks, 10 cars.
newstart027 on Dec-01-2016

thanks for your comments ¡¡

i'm working on a new tracks and a website ¡¡¡ Thanks to all for their support ¡¡
nuskooler on May-21-2014

many many thanks Rocana for the billion of hours of fun I've spent on that track !
you are very talented ! I discovered your Alcazaba track few days ago and it's amazing too !
bravo !
falconitage on Jan-10-2013

Fantastic work Rocana! Really love the camber and height changes, lovely flow to the track.
Uzair on Apr-09-2012

Just give me a break jeje I'm doing a new section, based on the complete layout, with some changes, section wich wanna be like the best track ever; nordschleife.
nuskooler on Dec-23-2011

Is there an update coming out soon?
DougSpinster on Dec-22-2011

outstanding grapics Great work well done
chappielike2009 on Dec-21-2011

Great Track, one of the best in RFactor Thanks to Rocana Nuskooler for El viejo Anillo Norte!

Gracias amigos por esta excelente pista, esta muy buena.
Pancho Villa on Dec-20-2011

Fendar i really really appreciate what you're doing, this problems happens because i do everything alone, even test the tracks, so i don't realise about some bugs. So i have to do a fix update.

I agree with you that the long version is mind blowing, specially the mountain section.

Thanks to all¡¡¡, and sorry by my english..
nuskooler on Dec-17-2011

Another thing is that the time counting is not running at the Inside Track.
So you maybe want to have a look at that, too.
Fendar on Dec-17-2011

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