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El Cairo 1947 1.20

By: LaChub and Rainmaker
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 15-Dec-13
Current release: 1.200, on 13-Mar-14

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Screenie by: LaChub
Screenie by: LaChub
Screenie by: LaChub
Screenie by: LaChub

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

v1.2 fixed cars doing a pit stop every lap if fuel usage is selected on.

The race was held on a twisty track laid in El Gezirah, a small island on the Nile in Cairo's residential district.
Only 6000 spectators showed up on a sunny day, mostly sitting on the top rows of the stands, leaving the bottom ones unoccupied,
probably by fear; the cars wore race numbers also in Arabic on the right side of the tail.

After heats won by Cortese and Taruffi, ten cars qualified for the final. Taruffi started in front from Cortese,
Dusio and Ascari who overtook Dusio after ten laps. Towards the end of the race the nuts fixing the carburettor
in Taruffi's car got loose and he had to slow down and was passed by Cortese and Ascari. Cortese won and
was awarded a cup of solid gold presented to him by King Farouk in person.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks for the permission Mr. Sergio Loro!]

track editor: Sergio Loro
conversion to gMotor2: LaChub
further enhancement: Rainmaker
Tree Texture Pack 1.00 by Redhawk
new cams by jmadria
Davy512 for the FuelUse fix

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I became aware of it through the guys at "The Smoking Tire" and "Drive" (Both excellent YouTube channels. Subscribe to them!
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016


Thank you for the work done and congratulations to the whole team for the scenery of this beautiful track.
samydavis on Mar-14-2014

Thanks Davy!
Here is the new version:
rainmaker87 on Mar-13-2014

The AIW file needs a value for "FuelUse". 17171.0 isn't far away.

Davy512 on Mar-12-2014

Thanks [RFC]-Fresh! for deleting that nonsense.

I checked that pit problem. It´s a issue that only appears if you are turning on fuel usage. Because I don´t use this I could not see any bug, sorry.
rainmaker87 on Mar-12-2014

Hi XxTaTxX, please note we deleted your comment about Alessandro Pollini, it doesn't make sense to us and is seemingly out of context here. If you have issues with him, please contact him directly or post on his website. Thanks for understanding.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Mar-11-2014

ya the pits definitely need re-working. The corridors are too wide.
XxTaTxX on Mar-11-2014


Why do cars stop at the pits at every turn???
samydavis on Mar-11-2014

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